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Cool Optical Illusions Play Video

Cool Optical Illusions

102 months ago 2,023,223 12

Pretty cool video of a some very interesting optical illusions. I promise t...

Yet Another Trampoline Accident Play Video

Yet Another Trampoline Accident

102 months ago 446,303 2,550,356

Some French guy takes a bad bounce off a trampoline and is knocked out cold...

Sister Slammed Into Wall Play Video

Sister Slammed Into Wall

102 months ago 340,228 166,314

This girl is pushing around a big inflatable ball when out of nowhere her b...

Im A Big Fan Of The Soap Knob Play Video

Im A Big Fan Of The Soap Knob

102 months ago 568,967 2

Jessica Chobot went to a branch of Blizzard Entertainment located in South ...

Tanker Truck Vs Flat Bed Play Video

Tanker Truck Vs Flat Bed

102 months ago 556,735 1

These guys take a large semi flat bed and run it full speed and head on at ...

How To Lose A Testicle Play Video

How To Lose A Testicle

102 months ago 439,203 1

They keep telling me to keep an eye out for good how-to videos. I figured ...

Biker Crashes Into Tree Play Video

Biker Crashes Into Tree

102 months ago 296,563 521,216

A biker crashes directly into a tree and needs to be helicoptered to a hosp...

The Last Britney Spears Fan Play Video

The Last Britney Spears Fan

102 months ago 776,541 1,559,059

I thought their were non left but we have indeed found what is probably the...

Impatient Kitty Wants Food Play Video

Impatient Kitty Wants Food

102 months ago 635,924 5

At lunch a hungry kitty is really impatient and perhaps part goat.

Doberman Likes Water Slide Play Video

Doberman Likes Water Slide

102 months ago 772,886 2

Apparently, this dog when let outside into the pool will continue taking ri...

Worlds Dumbest Bank Robber Play Video

Worlds Dumbest Bank Robber

102 months ago 540,197 1

This has got to be one of the dumbest bank robbers we have ever seen. He w...


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