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Ashley Judd In Bug Play Video

Ashley Judd In Bug

104 months ago 644,749 1

We saw this trailer and wondered how much we would need to pay to be stuck ...

Failed Office Prank Play Video

Failed Office Prank

104 months ago 639,861 1,552,359

In comedy timing is everything, thats especially true when you are trying t...

Michael Jackson Calls Sanjaya Play Video

Michael Jackson Calls Sanjaya

104 months ago 795,689 7

Celebrity phone tap, Michael Jackson calls Sanjaya. OK I was pretty skeptic...

Car Crushes Dude on Bicycle Play Video

Car Crushes Dude on Bicycle

104 months ago 1,071,855 6,530,412

Amazing this dude is ok. He attempts to ride his bike across a busy road b...

Biker Side Swiped By Buddy Play Video

Biker Side Swiped By Buddy

104 months ago 542,851 1,458,558

A couple guys on motorcycles go cruisin around. One of the guys slows down...

Happy 420 Play Video

Happy 420

104 months ago 2,991,138 3

Our friends at Digtial Inbox sent in this video to celebrate a happy 420 da...

Break Gallery CXXXIII Play Video

Break Gallery CXXXIII

Break Gallery 133!!! More funny pictures than you can shake a stick at. Whe...

Biker Gets Clipped By Van Play Video

Biker Gets Clipped By Van

104 months ago 422,367 3,340,365

A couple of guys riding a motorcycle side swipe a van in the middle of an i...

Cat Refuses To Exercise Play Video

Cat Refuses To Exercise

104 months ago 992,587 38

This cat is so lazy he would rather let his face drag on a running treadmil...

The Japanese Are Very Talented Play Video

The Japanese Are Very Talented

104 months ago 968,800 3,771,699

Heres a really cool video that shows just how much more talented the Japane...

Spidey Cops A Feel Play Video

Spidey Cops A Feel

104 months ago 616,512 2,880,138

I know this is pretty simple and silly but it really made me crack up. Some...


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