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How To Cut Glass With Scissors Play Video

How To Cut Glass With Scissors

102 months ago 709,077 2,565,139

Ive read up on this since I watched the video and I have found a lot of peo...

Dont Jump In This Pond Play Video

Dont Jump In This Pond

102 months ago 1,531,023 88

This kid forgot that diving in muddy waters turns you into The Swamp Thing.

Cute Baby Is Very Fickle Play Video

Cute Baby Is Very Fickle

102 months ago 337,258 2,439,578

This adorably cute little baby switches from really happy to bawling in an ...

I Suck At Fantasy Football Play Video

I Suck At Fantasy Football

102 months ago 251,389 6

Its almost as if these guys wrote this song for me. Maybe if I had some ...

Google Hacks 2.0 Play Video

Google Hacks 2.0

102 months ago 1,028,992 2

This tutorial shows you security issues with Google that can allow you acce...

Idiot Headbutts Cop Play Video

Idiot Headbutts Cop

102 months ago 909,518 13

Some idiot kid headbutts a cop and pays for it. What a moron, hey kids neve...

Gymnastics High Bar Accident Play Video

Gymnastics High Bar Accident

102 months ago 294,148 3,236,065

Some gymnast has a rough high bar routine, does anyone know what was suppos...

Mario Level Can Autoplay Play Video

Mario Level Can Autoplay

102 months ago 603,831 1

This guy figured out that one of the most difficult levels in Mario Brother...

How To Direct Traffic In Iraq Play Video

How To Direct Traffic In Iraq

102 months ago 624,079 2,360,136

This soldier demonstrates a simple yet effective way to direct traffic in I...

Cool Optical Illusions Play Video

Cool Optical Illusions

102 months ago 2,023,223 12

Pretty cool video of a some very interesting optical illusions. I promise t...

Yet Another Trampoline Accident Play Video

Yet Another Trampoline Accident

102 months ago 446,302 2,550,356

Some French guy takes a bad bounce off a trampoline and is knocked out cold...


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