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Twin G18s 9mm Auto Glock Play Video

Twin G18s 9mm Auto Glock

110 months ago 777,700 1

These twin 9mm auto glocks are great for hunting and fishing trips. Dont br...

Jeep Rolls Down Mountain Play Video

Jeep Rolls Down Mountain

110 months ago 1,382,220 6

Couple guys do some extreme offroading with their Jeep. They lose traction ...

Weather Woman Freudian Slip Play Video

Weather Woman Freudian Slip

110 months ago 894,856 6

CBS 2 New York Meteorologist Audrey Puente slips up when trying to describe...

Sex Top 2000 Play Video

Sex Top 2000

110 months ago 801,221 4

Are you worried about getting caught looking at internet porn? You need the...

No Arms Tom Petty Play Video

No Arms Tom Petty

110 months ago 599,637 14

This street performer in San Diego has no arms but that doesn't stop him fr...

Full Court Shot At Buzzer Play Video

Full Court Shot At Buzzer

110 months ago 439,677 26

I dont know where this game is being played but this guy makes a heroic ful...

Crazy Bungee Jumper Play Video

Crazy Bungee Jumper

110 months ago 548,310 1

This guy grabs a bungee with just his hands and jumps off. At just the rig...

Cry Me A River Play Video

Cry Me A River

110 months ago 617,317 339,540

This guy plays hockey for a living. Hes complaining that after his long da...

Vida Guerra Rub Down Play Video

Vida Guerra Rub Down

110 months ago 3,026,530 1

Video of the man who has the job of oiling up Vida Guerra's beautiful booty...

Looks Like Macs Crash Too Play Video

Looks Like Macs Crash Too

110 months ago 365,611 1

This is a hilarious bunch of clips from a Mac Conference introducing upcomi...

Failed Sand Flip Play Video

Failed Sand Flip

This guy attempts to do a flip from a ledge to the sand. If he's thinking a...

Luke Barats Auto Insurance Play Video

Luke Barats Auto Insurance

110 months ago 255,756 1

Luke Barats from Barats and Bereta has a problem with his auto insurance.


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