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Kid Falls Into Fire Play Video

Kid Falls Into Fire

116 months ago 240,739 23

Here we have a prime Darwin award candidate. What did he think was going to...

Parking Lot Van Prank Play Video

Parking Lot Van Prank

116 months ago 92,191 250,167

Parking lot mini-van prank. These guys create a Flinstone's style car that ...

David Vs Goliath Play Video

David Vs Goliath

116 months ago 256,123 418,364

This is a real life David Vs Goliath. The big guy never even sees what's co...

Chat Room Dork Talks Dirty Play Video

Chat Room Dork Talks Dirty

116 months ago 79,626 11

You never know who you are talking to in a chat room. That hot 18 year old ...

Huge Race Car Pit Fire Play Video

Huge Race Car Pit Fire

116 months ago 101,960 48,756

A race car comes in for a pit stop and erupts in a huge fire. It looks like...

Skater Lands Right On Nuts Play Video

Skater Lands Right On Nuts

116 months ago 123,043 5

Watch this guy skate off a huge ledge and land right on his nuts. Judging f...

Ali G Interviews The Beckhams Play Video

Ali G Interviews The Beckhams

116 months ago 214,591 726,523

Check out this hilarious clip of Ali G interviewing Victoria Posh Spice and...

First hand Race Car Crash Play Video

First hand Race Car Crash

117 months ago 86,798 132,786

In case you've ever wondered what it's like to see a race car crash head on...

Funny Fake Gun Prank Play Video

Funny Fake Gun Prank

117 months ago 205,389 907,876

Check out this funny fake gun prank. A kid sits in a car and asks people on...

Break On Dateline NBC Play Video

Break On Dateline NBC

117 months ago 37,010 1

On last night's Dateline NBC Josh Mankiewicz talked about! Here's...

Horse Farts During Interview Play Video

Horse Farts During Interview

117 months ago 180,035 2

What did this guy expect was going to happen when he decided to film right ...

Air Show Near Miss Play Video

Air Show Near Miss

117 months ago 236,098 4

These two planes have a very close call. Are airshows like Nascar races whe...


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