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Motocross The Sphere Play Video

Motocross The Sphere

111 months ago 320,123 1,316,233

Ok this is awesome, a bunch of motocross riders enter the sphere and ride a...

Sneak Out Of Class Play Video

Sneak Out Of Class

111 months ago 521,978 273,593

When you have a very old teacher, sneaking out of class can be easier than ...

Evil State of the Union Play Video

Evil State of the Union

111 months ago 429,605 1

Ok this is one for you liberals, but whatever you're political beliefs are ...

My Backpacks Got Jets Play Video

My Backpacks Got Jets

111 months ago 422,512 1

I think we have all wanted one of these in the past. You would think someo...

G Force Training For Pilots Play Video

G Force Training For Pilots

111 months ago 542,864 6

This is actual footage from an airfoce training facility. Its a group of p...

Funny Ballon Prank Angry RA Play Video

Funny Ballon Prank Angry RA

111 months ago 593,565 1

This is hilarious, these guys fill their RA's office with $80 worth of ball...

Cat Crawls Into Bottle Play Video

Cat Crawls Into Bottle

111 months ago 492,030 1,426,637

I watch this video and its still hard to believe that a cat can fit through...

Declassified Russian UFO Tape Play Video

Declassified Russian UFO Tape

111 months ago 700,886 300,360

I thought this was a pretty interesting tape recently declassified from the...

Lets Go To Prison Trailer Play Video

Lets Go To Prison Trailer

111 months ago 307,484 9

Check out this exclusive trailer for the upcoming movie Lets Go To Prison s...

Semi Truck With Spinners Play Video

Semi Truck With Spinners

111 months ago 457,609 2

Dont let any truck drivers convince you that gas prices are hurting them. ...

Smokin Hot Beer Girl Play Video

Smokin Hot Beer Girl

111 months ago 1,385,401 9

Two guys are sitting on a beach and one of them pulls out a beer. A girl s...

Motorcycle Jump Misses Play Video

Motorcycle Jump Misses

111 months ago 676,119 1

A dude jumps a bride with his motorcycle but the wind is too strong and pus...

Beatbox Parrot Play Video

Beatbox Parrot

111 months ago 502,534 6

Some guy taught his parrot how to beatbox and the little fella is actually ...

The Worlds Worst Goalkeepers Play Video

The Worlds Worst Goalkeepers

111 months ago 797,030 1

Great compilation of some of the worst goalies moments. My favorite is the...

Mel Gibson Hates Jews Play Video

Mel Gibson Hates Jews

111 months ago 505,717 1,224,643

Alright, I realize the whole Mel Gibson hating Jews is old now but you I th...

Houshold Dominos Play Video

Houshold Dominos

111 months ago 358,848 3

This is pretty cool. A group of guys create a huge falling domino video bu...

Runners Prank Starters Play Video

Runners Prank Starters

111 months ago 513,206 1,817,392

A group of runners claim there starter is running late and talk people into...

Muppet Orgy Play Video

Muppet Orgy

111 months ago 291,077 1,227,640

I always knew there was something going on between Bert and Ernie. I guess ...

Close Calls Play Video

Close Calls

111 months ago 477,298 1,956,398

This is a compilation of a bunch of clips we have posted on our site over t...

Master Hand Slapper Play Video

Master Hand Slapper

111 months ago 271,274 822,354

This is a foreign commerical of some guy that travels half way around the w...


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