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20 Second Handshake Play Video

20 Second Handshake

81 months ago 213,732

Take the time to show you really care with a 20-second handshake.

Break Gallery CCCLXXXI Play Video

Break Gallery CCCLXXXI

Break Gallery 381! A babe centaur, booby curtains, a star wars melon and pl...

Rail Slide Crash Play Video

Rail Slide Crash

81 months ago 161,914

This dude manages to ride over 100 feet of rail on his board but fails to n...

Manual Wiper Blades Play Video

Manual Wiper Blades

81 months ago 117,182

You know the economy is getting pretty rough when people can't afford new w...

Parkour Fence Jump Fail Play Video

Parkour Fence Jump Fail

81 months ago 205,096

This dude attempts to jump from the top of one fence onto another but come...

Serious Multi-Tasking Skills Play Video

Serious Multi-Tasking Skills

81 months ago 130,199

This chick can recite pie to the hundredth decimal while balancing a bunch ...


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