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Groupie Grinding Fail Play Video

Groupie Grinding Fail 42 months ago

This old woman tries to dance up on a rapper and ends up on the ground. Som...

Ant Vs Spider Play Video

Ant Vs Spider 42 months ago

Some pretty impressive moves from this spider were not enough to pull out t...

Dude Flips Car At 70mph Play Video

Dude Flips Car At 70mph 42 months ago

This guy films himself losing control of his Volvo and slamming into a ditc...

You Can't Drown Fire Ants! Play Video

You Can't Drown Fire Ants! 42 months ago

Fire ants, working together, create an unsinkable raft. But you know there'...

Playground Backflip Fail Play Video

Playground Backflip Fail 42 months ago

The big toy's breaking is the second sign that you're too old to be playing...

Cute Samurai Girl Play Video

Cute Samurai Girl 42 months ago

She does the exact same little hop/fist pump after beheading an opponent. I...