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Crazy Old DJ Rocks The Party Play Video

Crazy Old DJ Rocks The Party

82 months ago 195,801

Back in his day, you lugged MP3s around in a crate, and you only grinded wi...

Slide Suicide Video Play Video

Slide Suicide Video

82 months ago 410,425

These idiots take their lives into their own hands in this suicide slide vi...

What is Vampires Suck Rated? Play Video

What is Vampires Suck Rated?

82 months ago 791,770

What is Vampires Suck rated you ask? It's rated awesome. This brilliant c...

25 Hot Patriot Girls Play Video

25 Hot Patriot Girls

The 4th of July may have been this weekend, but the American Spirit will ne...

"Twilight" For Guys Play Video

"Twilight" For Guys

Adding hot girls who are into girls is definitely the best way to fix this ...


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