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Lonely Island "We're Back" Play Video

Lonely Island "We're Back" 43 months ago

Lonely Island, the dopest group in the rap (parody) game, are back with a n...

Battle Cat Attacks Cameraman Play Video

Battle Cat Attacks Cameraman 43 months ago

Honestly, the cat has already told him "Hiss, Hiss, Rawr." At this point, I...

Baby Shark Bites Man Play Video

Baby Shark Bites Man 43 months ago

Aww, baby shark bites are the cutest possible shark bites you can get!

3 Year Old Wants To Govern NJ Play Video

3 Year Old Wants To Govern NJ 43 months ago

New Jersey has swamps, guidos, hair gel, and Snooki. Why not have a 3 year ...

April Fools' Proposal Prank Play Video

April Fools' Proposal Prank 43 months ago

This guy gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring box, and yanks the rug out...