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Unbreakable Glass Fail Play Video

Unbreakable Glass Fail

77 months ago 188,289

They just don't make unbreakable glass like they used to.

Cat Vs Two Alligators Play Video

Cat Vs Two Alligators

This was the cat and its owners first trip to New Orleans. Let's be honest-...

Female Parking Epic Fail Play Video

Female Parking Epic Fail

77 months ago 467,358

You can't tell that its a female driver pulling into this parking spot unti...

Hay Bale Fail Play Video

Hay Bale Fail

77 months ago 147,564

This kid attempts to jump over a 1200lb bale of hay rolling towards him and...

Wasted In Film Supercut Play Video

Wasted In Film Supercut

This amazing supercut brings you some of the greatest cinematic moments of ...



Santa's making a list and checking it twice. Mainly because he's got blurre...

Backflip Gone Bad Play Video

Backflip Gone Bad

77 months ago 117,980

This dude gets help from three buddies to help him attempt a backflip and s...

Building A BMW Z4 GT3 Play Video

Building A BMW Z4 GT3

77 months ago 181,512

Very cool time-lapse of a BMW Z4 GT3 being built by hand in just over 3 min...


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