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Lacrosse Fight Play Video

Lacrosse Fight

109 months ago 1,172,961 1

These two Lacrosse guys are equally matched and connect on most of the punc...

The Old College Try Play Video

The Old College Try

109 months ago 569,060 1

What is tougher a piece of plywood or a college student's head after playin...

Stair Case Hand Stand Play Video

Stair Case Hand Stand

109 months ago 433,090 1,039,560

Doing a hand stand down the stair case seems like a really good idea right?...

Robot Play Video


109 months ago 813,313 1

An inspirational tale of robot love

Punching Bag Of Destruction Play Video

Punching Bag Of Destruction

109 months ago 643,671 1

Two dumb guys allow their friends to drop a punching back onto them from a ...

Blindfolded Boxing Play Video

Blindfolded Boxing

109 months ago 772,218 1

Two guys blindfold themselves and then square off in a boxing match.

Dude Gets Run Over By A Semi Play Video

Dude Gets Run Over By A Semi

109 months ago 1,308,592 1,608,218

This is a shocking video of a group of guys standing by a couple semis. Su...

Tree Branch Nut Shot Play Video

Tree Branch Nut Shot

109 months ago 618,421 536,560

Rule number one for cutting off a tree branch is making sure you know where...

Government Worker Play Video

Government Worker

109 months ago 437,852 458,330

How a government worker gets the job done.

Flying Hydro Boat Play Video

Flying Hydro Boat

109 months ago 1,060,797 1

Look in the sky, its a boat, no its a plane. No its super hydro plane! This...

Fire Helmet Cam Play Video

Fire Helmet Cam

109 months ago 701,182 1,166,260

I bought an ATC-1000 helmet cam on Ebay for $50 and filmed a real life hous...

Once A Crook Always A Crook Play Video

Once A Crook Always A Crook

109 months ago 834,599 2

Once a crook always a crook I guess. The same guy who got run over by the c...

Biker Outruns Cops On Highway Play Video

Biker Outruns Cops On Highway

109 months ago 1,988,096 38

This isnt a motorcycle. This dude is actually on a bike and he outruns the...

Down Hill In A Dell Play Video

Down Hill In A Dell

109 months ago 1,046,326 239,601

I guarantee when this dude got in the box he had no idea how fast he would ...

Bike Crash During Race Play Video

Bike Crash During Race

109 months ago 609,611 962,096

On the final lap of a championship race in Japan one dude wipes out and tak...

Break Gallery CIII Play Video

Break Gallery CIII

Break Picture Gallery 103!!! Once again we bring you the best pictures from...

Street Burnouts Play Video

Street Burnouts

109 months ago 648,107 4

Is there a corellation between being a moron and taking big risks? It's one...

Biff Sings Play Video

Biff Sings

109 months ago 530,292 5

The guy who played Biff in the Back to the Future movies sings a song to an...


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