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F15 Strike Eagle In Max Climb Play Video

F15 Strike Eagle In Max Climb

89 months ago 344,768 1

This pilot films himself taking off in an F15e Strike Eagle and reaching 4 ...

Girl Robot to Model in Japan Play Video

Girl Robot to Model in Japan

89 months ago 400,523 1

Love bots could soon be a possibility, now that Japan finally has a humanoi...

South African Cement Throwing Play Video

South African Cement Throwing

89 months ago 495,668 69

Anyone who has worked with cement before knows that it would take an incred...

The Rapping Flight Attendant Play Video

The Rapping Flight Attendant

89 months ago 479,293 102

Sick of the same old pre-flight routine? Listen to this guy's rhyming feats...

This Is Not A Prank Play Video

This Is Not A Prank

89 months ago 292,722 91

Just wanted to clarify this video isn't a prank. This is just beating your...

Dude Falls Off Side Of Bus Play Video

Dude Falls Off Side Of Bus

89 months ago 208,061 57

I bet as this guy lays on the street watching the bus drive off he is think...

Redneck Video Dating Disaster Play Video

Redneck Video Dating Disaster

89 months ago 142,282 26

After being dumped this is not a good way to convince your ex to give you a...

Break Gallery CCLXXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXXVI

Break Gallery 276 is loaded with awesome pics from all over the web. This o...

Crocodile Video Play Video

Crocodile Video

89 months ago 482,782 31

Have you ever seen a more adorable, reptilian genetic mutation in a crocodi...


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