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Black Belt Cant Break Bat Play Video

Black Belt Cant Break Bat

103 months ago 600,476 9

In front of hundreds of people this third degree black belt attempts to bre...

Handle with Care Play Video

Handle with Care

103 months ago 747,182 2,206,026

At some point these guys are gonna develop a serious Ant problem, until the...

Backflip Handspring Accident Play Video

Backflip Handspring Accident

103 months ago 528,956 192,410

When doing multiple backflips in a row you always want to check and make s...

Bo Burnham: Cookout Play Video

Bo Burnham: Cookout

103 months ago 570,679 3,952,008

Bo Burnham has submitted three hilarious new videos and this one Cookout is...

A Brawl In The Safari Play Video

A Brawl In The Safari

103 months ago 2,514,163 17

This is definitely not our typical clip but I thought it was pretty cool. ...

Deer Gets Whacked By Race Car Play Video

Deer Gets Whacked By Race Car

103 months ago 1,049,879 4,668,896

A race car comes around a blind corner and a deer jumps out in front of him...

Screech Almost Gets Beat Up Play Video

Screech Almost Gets Beat Up

103 months ago 969,898 1,610,882

Im still not sure what show this is from but the dude on the panel wants to...

Home Made Pole Dance Mishap Play Video

Home Made Pole Dance Mishap

103 months ago 5,055,365 9

A scantily clad Asian hottie sets up a stripper pole in her bedroom to show...

Pool Jump Super Star Play Video

Pool Jump Super Star

103 months ago 867,998 1

Is anyone surprised that a guy who wears a full body scarface t-shirt would...

Kid Snaps Arm In Half Play Video

Kid Snaps Arm In Half

103 months ago 796,182 54

Some kid tries a small jump but flips over the handle bars. He lands awkwa...

Family Feud Morons Play Video

Family Feud Morons

103 months ago 801,727 2

This must have been inbred family week on Family Feud because these have to...

Six Trainees Tased Together Play Video

Six Trainees Tased Together

103 months ago 573,214 1

Whats better than one cop getting tased? How about a video of six rookie tr...


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