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Break Gallery CCLXXVII Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXXVII

Break Gallery 277 is packed full of the most awesome pics the web has to of...

Light-Up Sheep Art Play Video

Light-Up Sheep Art

89 months ago 527,021 152

A couple crazy shepherds outfit their sheep with LED vests to create cool d...

Hilarious Chair Prank Play Video

Hilarious Chair Prank

89 months ago 364,780 6

This dude backs up to sit in a chair and his buddy quickly replaces it with...

Techno Toddler Play Video

Techno Toddler

89 months ago 269,944 10

This cool little toddler gives the ...

Referee Has Wheels Play Video

Referee Has Wheels

89 months ago 315,883 5

This referee takes a shot at one of the players and drops him on his back t...

Worst Nutshot Timing Ever Play Video

Worst Nutshot Timing Ever

89 months ago 1,277,301 49

A guy's girlfriend decides to kick him right as he dips down for a squat pr...

Backyard Dancing Body Slam Play Video

Backyard Dancing Body Slam

89 months ago 246,841 1

This guy is dancing with some chick at a backyard party and tries to pick h...

F15 Strike Eagle In Max Climb Play Video

F15 Strike Eagle In Max Climb

89 months ago 344,764 1

This pilot films himself taking off in an F15e Strike Eagle and reaching 4 ...

Girl Robot to Model in Japan Play Video

Girl Robot to Model in Japan

89 months ago 400,523 1

Love bots could soon be a possibility, now that Japan finally has a humanoi...


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