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Coming In A Bit Too Fast Play Video

Coming In A Bit Too Fast

115 months ago 103,747 3

Alright, who do you guys think hit the ground harder? The first guy did co...

A Helping Hand Play Video

A Helping Hand

115 months ago 68,023 2

I totally relate to this guy. I dont know how many times I have done every...

Hi-Speed Highway Accident Play Video

Hi-Speed Highway Accident

115 months ago 121,505 1,775,149

The guy in this clip is tryin to beat the record set two weeks ago for dist...

Over The Top Play Video

Over The Top

115 months ago 79,879 11,265

This clip took place on April Fools of last year. Just before the race beg...

Helicopter Still Tied Down Play Video

Helicopter Still Tied Down

115 months ago 105,838 1

Someone forgot to untie this helicopter before take off. Who forgot to unti...

Drunk Hamsters Tub Thumping Play Video

Drunk Hamsters Tub Thumping

115 months ago 148,229 1,879,974

Drunk hamsters having a ball. All bars should be covered in wood chips like...

Boxing Quick Knock Out Play Video

Boxing Quick Knock Out

115 months ago 241,485 194,014

Boxer knocked out in 18 seconds. Check that guys gloves for chloroform. Ser...

Maury Povich Paternity Results Play Video

Maury Povich Paternity Results

115 months ago 126,226 752,035

A Maury Povich guest has a great reaction to the news that he's not a fathe...

BB Lazy Legs LiteStix Play Video

BB Lazy Legs LiteStix

115 months ago 82,451 4

This has got to be the least disabled disabled person ever. He's got some a...

Angry German Kid Play Video

Angry German Kid

115 months ago 1,560,139 70

This kid can't wait a few minutes for his computer to warm up. He's totally...

Lucky Woman Almost Falls Play Video

Lucky Woman Almost Falls

115 months ago 118,327 26,355

An extremely lucky woman almost falls to her death. What was she doing on t...

Wheelie Doesnt Last Long Play Video

Wheelie Doesnt Last Long

116 months ago 120,291 297,267

I've never seen a wheelie go wrong so quickly. This guy is barely up before...

Choose Your Weapons Wisely Play Video

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

116 months ago 110,787 2,529

A couple of guys are fighting in the streets and one of them wants to use a...

Dont Celebrate Too Soon Play Video

Dont Celebrate Too Soon

116 months ago 171,533 55,604

Never celebrate too soon or you might look really stupid like this guy. I f...

Dont Play Chicken With a Ferry Play Video

Dont Play Chicken With a Ferry

116 months ago 179,486 726,490

A small sailboat tries to cut in front of an oncoming ferry boat. What was ...


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