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WTF House Fire Celebration Play Video

WTF House Fire Celebration

76 months ago 172,424

Transcript from someone who was there: "I did it! I burned down the entire ...

Quest Crew Backflip Fail Play Video

Quest Crew Backflip Fail

76 months ago 121,238

When Quest Crew, America's Best Dance Crew champs, pulls off this move the...

Gate Jump Faceplant Play Video

Gate Jump Faceplant

76 months ago 93,860

This dude attempts to jump a 3 foot high gate with a 2 foot high jump and e...

GoPro HD 2010 Highlights Play Video

GoPro HD 2010 Highlights

76 months ago 126,863

I don't know much about the GoPro other than it's some camera that apparent...

Cats Getting Shot By Lasers Play Video

Cats Getting Shot By Lasers

76 months ago 224,186

Short of signing your name in the moon, shooting cats is probably the coole...

Pallet Nutshot Fail Play Video

Pallet Nutshot Fail

76 months ago 79,140

Up until this dude landed on his nuts I thought he was doing pretty good.

The Ultimate Soccer Fail Play Video

The Ultimate Soccer Fail

76 months ago 125,267

Looks like Russia was just awarded the World Cup for 2018 and lucky for the...


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