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Falling With Style Play Video

Falling With Style

84 months ago 652,556 4,265

This guy demonstrates the fastest way to get down a sand dune. Amazing.

Michael Jackson Dance Fail Play Video

Michael Jackson Dance Fail

84 months ago 204,398 64

The only thing moving faster than this guys feet is his face right into the...

Shopping Cart Faceplant Play Video

Shopping Cart Faceplant

84 months ago 170,132 1

This dude nearly avoided a faceplant until his buddy landed on the back of ...

Fan Loses Game For Home Team Play Video

Fan Loses Game For Home Team

84 months ago 258,783 471

This kid just figured out a good way to get beat up by 65,000 fans on his w...

Sucker Punch Knock Out Play Video

Sucker Punch Knock Out

84 months ago 536,760 78

I guess it's not really a sucker punch if the dude you knock out blows you ...

Super Sumo Slowmo Play Video

Super Sumo Slowmo

84 months ago 368,754 7

Normally, you'd be way more excited if we told you a video featured slow-mo...


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