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Chihuahua Plays Pool Play Video

Chihuahua Plays Pool 48 months ago

Not only did he just run this table, but he's already marked the whole pool...

Cause And Effect Play Video

Cause And Effect 48 months ago

Three cars collide on a street and the only person injured is a dude walkin...

First Person Mountain Biking Play Video

First Person Mountain Biking 48 months ago

Very cool first person view of Mike Montgomery completing a difficult mount...

Stage Dive Fail Play Video

Stage Dive Fail 48 months ago

This guy learns that just because someone tells you to jump doesn't mean th...

20 Hilarious Goth Fails Play Video

20 Hilarious Goth Fails 48 months ago

Goths are a default failure. Here's 20 examples to prove it. Enjoy!

Jesus Show Me Some Lightning Play Video

Jesus Show Me Some Lightning 48 months ago

These kids ask Jesus to show them some lightning, and it appears to them th...

Epic Owl Play Video

Epic Owl 48 months ago

Epic Owl as...

Sidewalk Shoe Tying Prank Play Video

Sidewalk Shoe Tying Prank 48 months ago

Besides being over 80 years old, having jerks like this in your life is the...

Totaled Semi Crashes Twice Play Video

Totaled Semi Crashes Twice 48 months ago

You would think once a semi flips on its side after slamming into the side ...