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Don't C-Walk Onto a Treadmill Play Video

Don't C-Walk Onto a Treadmill

89 months ago 2,436,669 174

Needless to say, the C-Walk Cardio Workout never really caught on in the fi...

Failed Pogo Stick Compilation Play Video

Failed Pogo Stick Compilation

89 months ago 523,480 3

You can take any one of these clips and it should alone be reason enough ne...

Slap Shot Is A Little High Play Video

Slap Shot Is A Little High

89 months ago 106,979 19

This guys bets his friend that he can shoot a hockey puck from 20 feet away...

Lion Attack Play Video

Lion Attack

90 months ago 626,296 15

In this lion video, a hunter in Africa plays an intense game of chicken wit...

Disabled Hockey Players Brawl Play Video

Disabled Hockey Players Brawl

90 months ago 247,441 15

The game's a little modified for these players, but they still fight and ta...

RC Rocket Crashes Into Crowd Play Video

RC Rocket Crashes Into Crowd

90 months ago 242,348 1

A very large RC rocket is fired off but its parachute fails and the rocket ...

My Own Worst Enemy Play Video

My Own Worst Enemy

90 months ago 220,627 29

If you ever get in a fight with this guy just take a couple steps back and ...

Funny Hallway Stunt Fail Play Video

Funny Hallway Stunt Fail

90 months ago 1,642,799 46

One miscommunication on this simple little hallway stunt forces a face-to-w...

Two Camels, One Car Play Video

Two Camels, One Car

90 months ago 818,765 8

A merchant in the Negev manages to fit two camels into his Subaru to take t...


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