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Dumb Prank Ends Well Play Video

Dumb Prank Ends Well

78 months ago 202,103

I'm not sure these kids realize how lucky they are. Their prank was going ...

God Bams Lady A New Hip Play Video

God Bams Lady A New Hip

78 months ago 106,152

Would it be inappropriate to go up to her and yell "God bam you! God bam yo...

Plane Crashes At Air Show Play Video

Plane Crashes At Air Show

78 months ago 190,124

Not sure what this pilot was aiming for but it wasn't a runway. Fortunatel...

Baseball Knocks Out Pitcher Play Video

Baseball Knocks Out Pitcher

78 months ago 152,041

For the hundreds of times I got beaned while at bat its hard to feel sorry ...

Freaky Hairless Kitten Play Video

Freaky Hairless Kitten

78 months ago 142,013

They got this freaky cat just in time for Halloween... and then eleven long...

Tourettes Guy Does Karaoke Play Video

Tourettes Guy Does Karaoke

78 months ago 284,711

This guy is actually a pretty decent singer and I think I like his lyrics b...


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