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Loading Honda In U-haul Fail Play Video

Loading Honda In U-haul Fail

79 months ago 244,523

These guys should be relieved they missed the ramp and hit the bumper. The...

25 Hot Female Badasses Play Video

25 Hot Female Badasses

Let's face it, a badass chick is way hotter than a non-badass chick. Don't ...

Donkey Goes Parasailing Play Video

Donkey Goes Parasailing

79 months ago 78,978

Dude at Beach: 'PETA? They've got a donkey out here, parasailing.'

Chopsticks Played On Phone Play Video

Chopsticks Played On Phone

79 months ago 115,282

This dude spent 3 weeks learning to play Chopsticks on four phones. He cou...

Not A Morning Dog Play Video

Not A Morning Dog

79 months ago 655,660

I probably look a lot like this dog before I get my first cup of coffee in ...

Usain Bolt's Cameraman Fail Play Video

Usain Bolt's Cameraman Fail

79 months ago 134,710

Like so many others, the cameraman just learned that if you let Usain Bolt ...

Old Spice Man Spoof Play Video

Old Spice Man Spoof

79 months ago 135,733

Seems like wherever you look on the internet lately the...


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