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Awesome One Minute Painting Play Video

Awesome One Minute Painting

102 months ago 983,233 10

A guy spray paints a really cool picture in under a minute. The finished pr...

Cuba Gooding Jr. Cialis Parody Play Video

Cuba Gooding Jr. Cialis Parody

102 months ago 325,891 2,039,956

Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr does an ad parody for the Erectile Dysfunction...

Metal Spoon Prank Play Video

Metal Spoon Prank

102 months ago 415,978 1,503,516

Alright, its been a few weeks since we had a decent wooden spoon prank. Th...

What I Hate About Don Play Video

What I Hate About Don

102 months ago 297,704 57

Troy, Sweeney and Africa unload their feelings about Don in a cathartic mel...

Older Brother Life Lessons Play Video

Older Brother Life Lessons

102 months ago 789,737 2

Older brothers have a very sage way of handing down advice and life lessons...

Huge Smoke Ring Device Play Video

Huge Smoke Ring Device

102 months ago 490,134 1,310,869

These guys have built a pretty cool device which creates huge smoke rings. ...

How To Shut Girls Up Play Video

How To Shut Girls Up

102 months ago 792,837 2,695,023

Dont you hate it when you go to the library to get some peace and quiet and...

The Binocular Prank Play Video

The Binocular Prank

102 months ago 561,220 1,206,427

This guy tells his buddy that if he stares at the sun with binoculars it ca...

How To Cheat At Cards Play Video

How To Cheat At Cards

102 months ago 484,709 2,491,695

This guy shows a bunch of different card shuffling techniques to show you h...

Passenger of Rally Car Injured Play Video

Passenger of Rally Car Injured

102 months ago 540,860 380,437

A passenger gets injured by a rock shooting up through the floor during a r...

Paintball Zip Line Faceplant Play Video

Paintball Zip Line Faceplant

103 months ago 423,841 165,147

Take a bunch of alcohol, a zip line and some paintball guns and youre prett...

The Ultimate Brushback Play Video

The Ultimate Brushback

103 months ago 872,216 120

You got to feel bad for this poor kid. He squares off for a bunt and ends ...

Funeral Goes Bad Play Video

Funeral Goes Bad

103 months ago 790,319 4,550,902

This is pretty funny. Not only do these guys drop the coffin while trying ...

Japanese Tetris Play Video

Japanese Tetris

103 months ago 1,304,163 5,349,696

The Japanese have taken Tetris to an all new level of awesomeness using rea...

Teacher Kicks Butt Play Video

Teacher Kicks Butt

103 months ago 1,419,094 3,669,520

The video quality on this clip kinda sucks but its still a pretty cool clip...

Spelling Bee Champion On CNN Play Video

Spelling Bee Champion On CNN

103 months ago 953,731 1

National spelling bee champion Evan Odorney took time off from his busy sch...


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