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Parkour Training Face Smash Play Video

Parkour Training Face Smash

78 months ago 100,235

THIS is why Sylvester Stallone doesn't use stunt doubles. They're usually p...

Video Game Controls RC Car Play Video

Video Game Controls RC Car

78 months ago 166,765

A pretty cool concept but you would think after all that work that would of...

Skater Bounces Face Off Curb Play Video

Skater Bounces Face Off Curb

78 months ago 60,683

Skater hits a jump and launches himself off the track face first into a cur...

Skater Slams Into Bench Play Video

Skater Slams Into Bench

78 months ago 67,777

Skater doesn't come close to completing a stunt and ends up ...

Ambidextrous Street Painting Play Video

Ambidextrous Street Painting

78 months ago 285,497

This street artist simultaneously uses both hands to create various drawing...

25 Babes of Oktoberfest Play Video

25 Babes of Oktoberfest

Many of us have been down lately with the coming end of Summer. But don't w...


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