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The Human Sling Shot Part 2 Play Video

The Human Sling Shot Part 2

102 months ago 382,725 597,368

The same people who made the original Human Sling Shot video which we poste...

Break Gallery CXLII Play Video

Break Gallery CXLII

Break Gallery #142! Buckle up everybody because we have another big ass sup...

Diet Coke Bomb Prank Play Video

Diet Coke Bomb Prank

102 months ago 503,028 1

This is a quick tutorial on how to create a Mentos/Diet Coke bomb to prank ...

Baby Trying To Stay Awake Play Video

Baby Trying To Stay Awake

102 months ago 632,954 3

Watching this baby struggling to stay awake is pretty funny. You think hes ...

Taliban Idol Fart Musician Play Video

Taliban Idol Fart Musician

102 months ago 222,475 1

This guy is the Talibans answer to American Idols Blake Lewis. He is actual...

Slam Dunk Backboard Smash Play Video

Slam Dunk Backboard Smash

102 months ago 380,708 2

This kid absolutely destroys a backboard after dunking off a trampoline. Yo...

Drunk Backflip Faceplant Play Video

Drunk Backflip Faceplant

102 months ago 478,767 3

I dont know what makes this guy a bigger tool, his fanny pack or the the fa...

Rally Car Wipes Out Play Video

Rally Car Wipes Out

102 months ago 159,039 795,564

Its been awhile since we had a decent rally car accident sent in. The driv...

Dude Pranks A Vent Server Play Video

Dude Pranks A Vent Server

102 months ago 707,305 5

A guy hacks into a vent server and taunts a guild leader with a Duke Nukem ...

Coolest Basketball Shot Ever Play Video

Coolest Basketball Shot Ever

102 months ago 770,511 4,731,588

From the backseat of a moving open-air Jeep, nothing but net. Whoever is up...

Fire In The Hole Compilation Play Video

Fire In The Hole Compilation

102 months ago 715,624 2

Screwing with minimum wagers working at the drive-thru is a heartless and c...

First Date Honest Answers Play Video

First Date Honest Answers

102 months ago 643,901 7

This hilarious video demonstrates what men and women are really trying to s...

Free Box of Puppies Play Video

Free Box of Puppies

102 months ago 346,433 395,538

What happens when you take an ordinary cardboard box, fill it with a bunch ...

The Nickel Drip Challenge Play Video

The Nickel Drip Challenge

102 months ago 538,191 1,289,917

See if you can guess how many droplets of water can be dripped onto the top...


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