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Happy Little Kid Play Video

Happy Little Kid

112 months ago 312,052 1

This video is hilarious. The kid must be one of the happiest babies I have...

Missed Hockey Goal Play Video

Missed Hockey Goal

112 months ago 323,300 428,396

A Hockey player has a fast break with a wide open goal and somehow is able ...

Cycling Pile Up Play Video

Cycling Pile Up

112 months ago 103,337 2

Crash at a national road race in Arkansas. One newbie gets scared and takes...

Granny Gamer Play Video

Granny Gamer

112 months ago 148,210 4

Whenever I play video games online I imagine the person kicking my butt as ...

Revenge On Cheaters Car Play Video

Revenge On Cheaters Car

112 months ago 275,434 2

It's never a good idea to cheat on a boyfriend who owns lots of guns. This ...

Cobra vs Mongoose Play Video

Cobra vs Mongoose

112 months ago 447,228 954,411

Alright, if I had to choose which one I wanted to fight I am still picking ...

Busted By Bad Luck Play Video

Busted By Bad Luck

112 months ago 214,061 13

On an empty street this guy tries to show off his car to his buddies. Afte...

Squirrel Attacks Todler Play Video

Squirrel Attacks Todler

112 months ago 223,829 639,161

Last year was the summer of the shark attack. This year we may have a new e...

United States Border Patrol Play Video

United States Border Patrol

112 months ago 338,089 4

Hilarious interview with George Bush talking about the US stepping up our e...

Wrestler Head Butts Referee Play Video

Wrestler Head Butts Referee

112 months ago 187,309 559,075

This wrestler is a bad loser. After getting owned in the ring he stands up...

Are You With Me Now Play Video

Are You With Me Now

112 months ago 396,720 1

This is hilarious. Some dude pays to be flown around in an F1 fighter jet....

Mid-Air Jet Collide Play Video

Mid-Air Jet Collide

112 months ago 78,421 3

Check out this video from the on-board camera of a jet that collides with a...

Testing Bullet Proof Vest Play Video

Testing Bullet Proof Vest

112 months ago 190,554 511,532

I got to be guessing fake here but that slow motion replay sure gives me a ...

Bull Poker Play Video

Bull Poker

112 months ago 564,480 11

Shocking video of a group of people play poker with a raging bull in the ar...

Dirt Bike Show Off Play Video

Dirt Bike Show Off

112 months ago 283,931 1,034,665

This guy just got a brand new dirt bike and he cant wait to show it off for...

Dog Gets Frisky With Bear Play Video

Dog Gets Frisky With Bear

112 months ago 183,509 9

Usually you have to buy her some kibbles and take her to the dog park befor...

Biker Breaks Foot In Accident Play Video

Biker Breaks Foot In Accident

112 months ago 339,369 22

WARNING: This video is very graphic. A motorcycle rider was doing some pre...

Skier Falls From Lift Play Video

Skier Falls From Lift

112 months ago 240,830 583,736

Somehow a skier fell out of his chair while riding a ski lift but luckily w...


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