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Unemployee Orientation Play Video

Unemployee Orientation 46 months ago

This is the kind of video that you always wish someone had made available f...

Good Morning Lab Prank Play Video

Good Morning Lab Prank 46 months ago

A couple co-workers pull off a lab prank on a new employee that will likely...

Most Awesome Monkeys Play Video

Most Awesome Monkeys 46 months ago

We love monkeys, apes, and gorillas because they remind us of ourselves. He...

Bike Cop Crashes Down Stairs Play Video

Bike Cop Crashes Down Stairs 46 months ago

I think it's official. Bike officers must be the ones who aren't smart enou...

Russian Homemade Bungee Jump Play Video

Russian Homemade Bungee Jump 46 months ago

The Russians are several years behind the rest of the world in Bungee techn...