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Tow Truck Tips After Rescue Play Video

Tow Truck Tips After Rescue 67 months ago

Some truck driver flips over his semi and after he gets bailed out he backs...

Scooter Double Backflip Play Video

Scooter Double Backflip 67 months ago

This kid fails multiple times at a double backflip on a ramp and finally af...

One Crazy Kangaroo Play Video

One Crazy Kangaroo 67 months ago

This French kangaroo is one of the trickiest pranksters in the animal kingd...

Awesome Wall Street Prank Play Video

Awesome Wall Street Prank 67 months ago

This wall street crisis is a serious issue. But, two guys behind this repor...

Angry Horse Fights Back Play Video

Angry Horse Fights Back 67 months ago

Almost any one would agree that this whip-wielding idiot gets exactly what ...

Rough Bet To Lose Play Video

Rough Bet To Lose 67 months ago

This guy loses a bet and lets his buddy shoot off a 30 ought 6 rifle within...