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Colombian Drug Plane Chase Play Video

Colombian Drug Plane Chase

102 months ago 464,892 3

The US military working with Colombian Narco police track and chase a priva...

Arkansas Police Brutality Play Video

Arkansas Police Brutality

102 months ago 636,729 3

A couple of teenagers are abused by this Arkansas Police officer. What do y...

First Person Car Crash Play Video

First Person Car Crash

102 months ago 526,802 516,365

This driver takes a ninety degree corner on a city street without even touc...

Marble Based Calculator Play Video

Marble Based Calculator

102 months ago 327,268 3

This guy built a calculator out of wood and marbles. I cant imagine how mu...

New Japanese Baseball Pitch Play Video

New Japanese Baseball Pitch

102 months ago 811,291 3

Check out this crazy ball thrown by a Japanese baseball pitcher. I am not ...

Stick Figure Battles Designer Play Video

Stick Figure Battles Designer

102 months ago 366,785 3,555,304

At first I thought this flash animation of a stick figure battling its desi...

How To Comment On A Video Play Video

How To Comment On A Video

102 months ago 149,377 105,579

Heres a nice little instructional video demonstrating how to properly comme...

Cheerleader Flying Tackle Play Video

Cheerleader Flying Tackle

102 months ago 2,128,344 767,202

Some poor cheerleader gets the flying tackle during a halftime show at some...

Grape Stomping Lady Play Video

Grape Stomping Lady

102 months ago 73,580 25

A reporter is at a grape stomping contest and gets what cheaters deserve. G...

Kid Jumps Ramp With Car Play Video

Kid Jumps Ramp With Car

102 months ago 425,375 1,577,054

This dude is lucky he slowed down just before hitting the ramp because I wo...

The Fish Hunters Play Video

The Fish Hunters

102 months ago 550,352 12

This looks like a lot of fun. I am not sure where these guys are fishing b...

Sink Explosion Prank Play Video

Sink Explosion Prank

102 months ago 238,851 477,253

This guys brother always comes home from work in a terrible mood, so what d...

Dramatic Hamster Play Video

Dramatic Hamster

102 months ago 41,254 104,983

This guy puts the ham in hamster when he does his turn to the camera. Drama...


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