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ChicXpress Chic Launcher Play Video

ChicXpress Chic Launcher

113 months ago 158,750 2

Whats the easiest way to move 10,000 chics as quickly as possible? Make it ...

Flinstones Theme Hand Farts Play Video

Flinstones Theme Hand Farts

113 months ago 54,784 6

Some guy performs the Flinstones theme song via hand farts. This is pretty ...

The Man of Steel Play Video

The Man of Steel

113 months ago 231,783 51,039

Remember that clip from last week of that dude breaking into song and dance...

Fastest Organized Fight Ever Play Video

Fastest Organized Fight Ever

113 months ago 363,761 2

This is actually a set of two clips. I saw the first one about a week ago ...

Tram Derails in Prague Play Video

Tram Derails in Prague

113 months ago 85,148 290,700

Shocking video of a tram rounding a corner in Prague and derailing crashing...

Soldier Faints Play Video

Soldier Faints

113 months ago 101,434 8

After a late night partying with his buddies a soldier faints while standin...

Cheating Death Play Video

Cheating Death

113 months ago 104,872 369,305

I thought this was hilarious. Its a commercial for some small beer company...

A Human Beatbox Play Video

A Human Beatbox

113 months ago 477,473 7

At first this looked kinda dumb to me but its well done and funny. Plus, t...

Funny Mask Wake Up Play Video

Funny Mask Wake Up

113 months ago 133,049 297,086

These guys put on what has to be the strangest looking mask ever to wake th...

Billy Banks Gets Knocked Out Play Video

Billy Banks Gets Knocked Out

113 months ago 368,352 23

We are told the guy in the blue is Billy Banks from those Tae Bo exercise v...

Rally Car Crashes Into Flames Play Video

Rally Car Crashes Into Flames

113 months ago 184,568 400,056

A rally car is crusing at a very high speed and as he goes around a very sl...

Evolution of Dance Play Video

Evolution of Dance

113 months ago 497,152 51

Evolution of Dance: This is the smash hit video that everyone and his mothe...

Biker Outruns Cops Play Video

Biker Outruns Cops

113 months ago 309,542 4

A guy on a motorcycle outruns the cops doing 336km/h then returns to the co...

Only The Freshest Salmon Play Video

Only The Freshest Salmon

113 months ago 118,971 15

This is a pretty funny commercial for a fish company that claims to have th...

Unsuccessful Robbery Play Video

Unsuccessful Robbery

113 months ago 170,785 1

A guy tries to steal a womens purse in an elevator. He fails.


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