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Woody at the Borat Premiere Play Video

Woody at the Borat Premiere

108 months ago 316,046 5

Clueless film critic Woody Wittman covers the premiere of "Borat" where he ...

Aborted 747 Take Off Play Video

Aborted 747 Take Off

108 months ago 965,407 2

Dramatic security camera video shows a Tradewinds Airlines Boeing 747-200 f...

Teen Tips: How To Buy Alcohol! Play Video

Teen Tips: How To Buy Alcohol!

108 months ago 889,700 579,343

Hey there teens! You don't need a fake ID or an older brother to buy you al...

50 Marbles In A Blender Play Video

50 Marbles In A Blender

108 months ago 1,218,920 580,370

I guess science has found a cure for every disease and now has some free ti...

SNLs Cubicle Fight Play Video

SNLs Cubicle Fight

A couple weeks back Dane Cook hosted SNL for a second time and again he was...

Break Gallery CVII Play Video

Break Gallery CVII

Break Gallery 107!!! A couple soldiers have a message for John Kerry, Adria...

Extreme Bike Face Plant Play Video

Extreme Bike Face Plant

108 months ago 1,074,273 2

Ive seen some bad face plants over the years, this one is definitely in the...

Nicole Richie Street Performer Play Video

Nicole Richie Street Performer

108 months ago 396,879 2,839,548

Simple life star Nicole Richie took some time out of her busy schedule to s...

Another Car Versus Metal Pole Play Video

Another Car Versus Metal Pole

108 months ago 702,892 1,264,750

Some people will just never learn. Here's more closed circuit tv footage of...

Scaring Kids On Halloween Play Video

Scaring Kids On Halloween

108 months ago 717,386 687,505

We set up a sunshade tent thing to look creepy, with tarps down the side, a...

The Birth Of Hip Hop Play Video

The Birth Of Hip Hop

108 months ago 508,643 1

A lot of people think hip hop was founded in New York city by bands like g...

Live News Biker Hit Play Video

Live News Biker Hit

108 months ago 584,820 114,353

I dont know what country this newscast is from but clearly they are having ...

Crazy Phelps Family On Trya Play Video

Crazy Phelps Family On Trya

108 months ago 1,172,277 4

That crazy woman from the Westborough Baptist church went on Tyra the other...

Pocket Bike Jump Goes Wrong Play Video

Pocket Bike Jump Goes Wrong

108 months ago 1,228,589 1

Take six bored guys, an empty parking lot and a pocket bike and fun always ...

Skate Trick Didn't Plan Ahead Play Video

Skate Trick Didn't Plan Ahead

108 months ago 600,039 827,928

This guy claimed he could ollie a couple dead computer monitors in the midd...

The Chairs Not There Play Video

The Chairs Not There

108 months ago 765,011 441,102

Watch the Volley ball coach on the left, he slowly makes his way back to th...

Bad Day At Work Play Video

Bad Day At Work

108 months ago 1,062,529 5,354,334

I feel this guys pain. He tries to fix a copier/printer and finally flips ...

Target Practice Play Video

Target Practice

108 months ago 3,733,430 11

This dude is my hero. He gets board using a shotgun to shoot clay pigeons ...


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