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Dude Pranks Championship Team Play Video

Dude Pranks Championship Team

81 months ago 479,793 9

Just as this French team wins a soccer championship this dude jumps out of ...

Commando Nun With A Gun Play Video

Commando Nun With A Gun

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done...with a vengeance. This nun would give ...

Snowfall Size Matters Play Video

Snowfall Size Matters

82 months ago 109,144 9

Pete Bouchard compares himself to the size of the snowfall in Princeton and...

Faceplant With A Nut Shot Play Video

Faceplant With A Nut Shot

82 months ago 80,282 53

This kid was doing pretty good up until he attempted to jump a bench which ...

Kid Knocked Out By Two Chicks Play Video

Kid Knocked Out By Two Chicks

82 months ago 282,586 276

This big dude lets two girls hit him in the face at the same time and they ...

Cat Attack Play Video

Cat Attack

82 months ago 1,297,660 25

A small house cat attacks a bear that is trying to raid the garbage. This c...

Deer Hunter Gets Pranked Play Video

Deer Hunter Gets Pranked

82 months ago 367,642 34

After shooting three rounds into this deer its not until the hunter walks u...


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