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Will He Fit? Play Video

Will He Fit?

93 months ago 301,858 123

This big dude tries to jump through a small life perserver floating in a po...

Reckless Demolition Worker Play Video

Reckless Demolition Worker

93 months ago 179,011 37

This guy is in charge of demolishing a small building and he ends up tossin...

Redneck Woman Rails on Obama Play Video

Redneck Woman Rails on Obama

93 months ago 1,084,284 2

In case you were wondering why Obama has a snowball's chance in hell, liste...

Gangsta Knocks Out Gentleman Play Video

Gangsta Knocks Out Gentleman

93 months ago 901,438 8

Always take a gangsta over a gentleman. A sucker punch beats a tight rhyme ...

Rally Car Rolls Into River Play Video

Rally Car Rolls Into River

93 months ago 514,827 99

The backseat camera in this rally car catches everything from the crash, st...

The Size Of The Universe Play Video

The Size Of The Universe

93 months ago 332,256 4

I found this video pretty interesting. It compares the size of the earth t...

Break Gallery CCXXX Play Video

Break Gallery CCXXX

Enough Hot Chicks And Funny Pics To Get You Through The Weekend. Enjoy!

ATV Jumps Into Tree Play Video

ATV Jumps Into Tree

93 months ago 423,597 2

Hate to see a rider forget which side the brake lever is on. No, wait, that...

Not Your Normal Spelling Bee Play Video

Not Your Normal Spelling Bee

93 months ago 171,200 145

Brainiac spelling kids are under a lot of pressure, but these judges insult...


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