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Frog Escapes Snakes! Play Video

Frog Escapes Snakes!

87 months ago 397,865 14

A lucky frog escapes with his life in this snakes videos. This is one incr...

Fire Alarm Jam Play Video

Fire Alarm Jam

87 months ago 271,246 13

These students set off a fire alarm and blend it into a song so perfectly t...

Cool Beer Pong Trick Shots Play Video

Cool Beer Pong Trick Shots

87 months ago 537,571 10

These guys studied trick shots, working pong and hard to get beer, and some...

The Perfect Faceplant Play Video

The Perfect Faceplant

87 months ago 158,080 183

This kid tries to flip off a retaining wall but over rotates and lands perf...

Break Gallery CCXCI Play Video

Break Gallery CCXCI

Break Gallery 291 Is Full Of Enough Hilarity To Keep Your Eyes Occupied. We...

Rough Day On The Job Play Video

Rough Day On The Job

88 months ago 221,923 35

This job sucks on a good day but these two guys are suddenly caught up in 4...

I Won A Math Debate Play Video

I Won A Math Debate

88 months ago 1,450,765 10

Do you think this guy's favorite Little Rascal is Alfalfa or is it Spanky?

Volkswagen Blows Away BMW Z4 Play Video

Volkswagen Blows Away BMW Z4

88 months ago 283,669 4

A couple guys in a brand new BMW Z4 challenge a Volkswagen Golf to a race a...


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