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Machine Gun Scare Prank Play Video

Machine Gun Scare Prank

85 months ago 64,035,753 119

Starting our scare prank contest right, these roommates decide to wake up t...

Skater Stunned He Wiped Out Play Video

Skater Stunned He Wiped Out

85 months ago 161,065 1

This dude tries to ride a rail but quickly wipes out and is confused as to ...

The Bra Purse Play Video

The Bra Purse

85 months ago 891,655 4

First there was the ...

Horse Kicks Guy in Face Play Video

Horse Kicks Guy in Face

85 months ago 861,310 79

Everyone knows that you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but we of...

Insane Kid Fights Mother Play Video

Insane Kid Fights Mother

85 months ago 570,186 2

If you're a parent and you get frustrated with your kids when they misbehav...

Break Gallery CCCXXIV Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXXIV

Break Gallery 324 features a state-of-the-art collection of WTF-inducing ph...

Madonna Faints During Concert Play Video

Madonna Faints During Concert

85 months ago 142,770 35

While on stage in Bulgaria this weekend Madonna briefly passed out and fell...

Swing Shot Play Video

Swing Shot

85 months ago 327,631 1

This guy gets whipped around a swing by his buddies until he slips off the ...


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