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Biker Breaks Jaw On Handlebars Play Video

Biker Breaks Jaw On Handlebars

101 months ago 350,868 846,536

This kid tries to clear a jump but comes up short smacking his head hard on...

F-15E Maximum Vertical Climb Play Video

F-15E Maximum Vertical Climb

101 months ago 503,320 949,501

This pilot films himself in a F-15E US fighter ascending at the absolute fa...

Co-Worker Car Prank Play Video

Co-Worker Car Prank

101 months ago 954,421 903,981

On this guys last day of work his friends put the front of his car on cinde...

Another Gross Spider Bite Play Video

Another Gross Spider Bite

101 months ago 556,904 1,950,982

Remind me never to go to Mexico.

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Nasty Ankle Break Play Video

Nasty Ankle Break

101 months ago 327,957 20

I dont think you can consider yourself a true skater till your ankle snaps ...

Ford Bronco Falls Back On Hood Play Video

Ford Bronco Falls Back On Hood

101 months ago 294,106 1,439,657

A ford bronco is trying to climb up a dirt hill but ends up falling back on...

Big Guy Ruins Summer Play Video

Big Guy Ruins Summer

101 months ago 1,074,630 1

In one fell swoop this big guy ruins summer for everyone.

Painful Drunk Table Slam Play Video

Painful Drunk Table Slam

101 months ago 346,715 960,593

Something that seems like a great idea when youre drunk does not always tur...

Turtle Is Confused But Happy Play Video

Turtle Is Confused But Happy

101 months ago 408,881 6

A turtle is crawling on the counter of a kitchen when he finds a large pot....

Distance Not Cleared Play Video

Distance Not Cleared

101 months ago 462,709 933,639

This Swedish kid bets his friends that he can jump from one dock to the oth...

Hip Hop Violin Play Video

Hip Hop Violin

101 months ago 1,007,425 8

Two guys make a sweet hip hop song using a violin and two turntables.

Man Vs Kids Part 2 Play Video

Man Vs Kids Part 2

I guess this guy likes pain because he picks another fight with the karate ...

How To Break Up A Cat Fight Play Video

How To Break Up A Cat Fight

101 months ago 730,923 2,583,933

A couple of cats are playfully fighting until a spectator cat breaks up the...

Borats Anonymous Play Video

Borats Anonymous

101 months ago 205,549 468,000

Finally, support for those of you that are still doing the friggin Borat im...

Very Flexible Babe Play Video

Very Flexible Babe

101 months ago 1,698,120 4,634,110

Shes very hot and very flexible, can you ask for anything more? As someone ...


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