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World Of Warcraft Nerd Rage Play Video

World Of Warcraft Nerd Rage

74 months ago 334,884

If my little brother sounded that annoying I would of done the same thing.

Soccer Juggling Fail Play Video

Soccer Juggling Fail

74 months ago 114,830

This dude manages to break his arm while trying to juggle a soccer ball.

Front Flip Faceplant Play Video

Front Flip Faceplant

74 months ago 133,524

This dude gets a boost from his friend and over rotates his flip bouncing h...

Dog Keeps Beat To Music Play Video

Dog Keeps Beat To Music

74 months ago 229,076

A three-year old dog keeps near perfect beat to the music by tapping his pa...

Gorilla Walks Like A Man Play Video

Gorilla Walks Like A Man

74 months ago 148,787

Evolution-- IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!! Let us be the first to welcome our plane...

Beer Cup Pyramid Fail Play Video

Beer Cup Pyramid Fail

74 months ago 129,131

These guys get so close to perfection before their pyramid collapses behind...


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