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Hide and Seek Play Video

Hide and Seek

74 months ago 163,968

This guy had five minutes to detect a single soldier approaching him in a f...

Tank Loading Failure Play Video

Tank Loading Failure

The good news is that the tank really isn't a necessary part of the surrend...

Pogo Triple Backflip Fail Play Video

Pogo Triple Backflip Fail

74 months ago 87,295

Once he wakes up, it will all seem like a very bad dream. He'll ask people ...

The Oreo Cookie Challenge Play Video

The Oreo Cookie Challenge

74 months ago 142,819

We attempted this challenge a few minutes ago and it's a lot harder than it...

Baby Ducks Vs Big Step Play Video

Baby Ducks Vs Big Step

74 months ago 84,025

Kinda rough for these little fellas. You either learn how to jump an obsta...

Reef Shark Swims Among Fish Play Video

Reef Shark Swims Among Fish

74 months ago 247,264

"Look, guys, relax. I just want to hang out and chill. I mean, yeah, I am p...

Skater Drops In On Stilts Play Video

Skater Drops In On Stilts

74 months ago 110,782

Someone told this kid breaking his wrist would be the last thing that could...

Remote Start Car Crash Play Video

Remote Start Car Crash

74 months ago 167,983

Getting a remote car starter installed in your car saves you the fifteen se...


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