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Trololo Guy Without Autotune Play Video

Trololo Guy Without Autotune

80 months ago 190,559 2

Those sneaky Russians developed Autotune years before us and used it to mak...

Irish Spiderboy Play Video

Irish Spiderboy

80 months ago 177,092 1

Stop the presses; it looks like we've found Tobey Macguire's replacement fo...

Break Gallery CCCLXVII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCLXVII

Break Gallery 377! Chill Lemurs, Donut Burgers, Ice Labyrinths, and many mo...

Faceplant Jumping Rope Play Video

Faceplant Jumping Rope

80 months ago 144,752 181

This dude tries to impress his friends by doing a backflip while jumping ro...

Girl Fails At Roundhouse Play Video

Girl Fails At Roundhouse

80 months ago 316,096 384

This chick wants to show off her roundhouse kick by knocking a can off a po...

Reindeer Attacks Zookeeper Play Video

Reindeer Attacks Zookeeper

80 months ago 73,318 5

After fighting off an angry reindeer and escaping with injuries these zooke...

The Goat Bag Pipes Play Video

The Goat Bag Pipes

80 months ago 107,784 6

How does that old song go? Oh, Danny boy, the goats, the goats they are 'a ...

Down The Stairs With Style Play Video

Down The Stairs With Style

80 months ago 281,543 2

If you think this looks easy and think you can do it make sure you have som...


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