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Confronting Fred Phelps Jr Play Video

Confronting Fred Phelps Jr

110 months ago 414,128 2

Remember that crazy lady who made a fool of herself on Fox News? Well guess...

Bike Path Water Hole Prank Play Video

Bike Path Water Hole Prank

110 months ago 849,087 30

This video is hilarious, a group of construction workers dug a huge hole in...

Dude Gets Busted Play Video

Dude Gets Busted

110 months ago 1,395,221 3

This is a pretty funny. Some dude is home alone when his girlfriend walks ...

Pug Bowling Play Video

Pug Bowling

110 months ago 936,088 46

This is my favorite video in the last few weeks. These guys grab some pled...

I Must Have Missed Aquaman Play Video

I Must Have Missed Aquaman

110 months ago 279,957 8

CNBC reports that Pirates of the Caribbean had the best 3 day weekend of an...

Sixteen Lanes Play Video

Sixteen Lanes

110 months ago 448,205 2

Some crazy dude walks over 16 lanes of highway traffic and by some small mi...

Really Bad Cat Fight Play Video

Really Bad Cat Fight

110 months ago 1,625,274 1

Damn! Dont mess with that girl she'll put you in a wheelchair. Thats what y...

Guy Snorts Egg Play Video

Guy Snorts Egg

110 months ago 142,668 186,562

This guy snorts an entire egg yoke through a straw up his nose. Damn I thin...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cuming Play Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cuming

110 months ago 524,309 1

I'm pretty sure that this has been posted before but I haven't seen it in a...

Cardinals Trash Can Take Out Play Video

Cardinals Trash Can Take Out

110 months ago 450,654 211,084

Wednesday a huge storm moved through St. Louis. Here's footage from the Car...

The Amazing Racist Islam Play Video

The Amazing Racist Islam

110 months ago 410,441 1

I cant believe this guy gets away with this stuff. Busting in on a Mosque a...

Hawk Mascot Loses Dance Off Play Video

Hawk Mascot Loses Dance Off

110 months ago 547,764 3,037,680

This is pretty funny. The Hawk Mascot challenges some kids to a dance off....

Robin Accidents on Golf Play Video

Robin Accidents on Golf

110 months ago 716,695 17

This is so old yet its still one of my all time favorites. We posted this ...

Skiing Accidents Play Video

Skiing Accidents

110 months ago 430,769 1,674,980

This is a pretty cool clip of about a dozen or so skiing accidents. Some o...

Lucky Kangaroo Play Video

Lucky Kangaroo

110 months ago 405,727 604,842

A kangaroo jumps over a fence and onto a race track during a race. The lit...


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