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Road Rage Play Video

Road Rage

98 months ago 553,364 45

I love how the little guy waits until the truck driver is walking away befo...

Kid Faceplants Into Wall Play Video

Kid Faceplants Into Wall

98 months ago 558,445 3

This kid tries to stand on one of those fitness balls but quickly loses his...

Naughty News Blooper Play Video

Naughty News Blooper

98 months ago 1,728,853 17

Got to love this news anchors answer to this guys question.

Cheerleader Gets Body Slammed Play Video

Cheerleader Gets Body Slammed

98 months ago 512,258 116

Some big guy picks up a cheerleader and holds her over his head but he lose...

Dolphin Scores A Direct Hit Play Video

Dolphin Scores A Direct Hit

98 months ago 353,813 2

A dolphin scores a direct hit during a show nailing the camera man with a b...

Elaborate Suicide in Halo 3 Play Video

Elaborate Suicide in Halo 3

98 months ago 451,620 215

This guy orchestrates an elaborately epic suicide in Halo 3. Getting that s...

Dumb Woman Drives Into Pool Play Video

Dumb Woman Drives Into Pool

98 months ago 678,208 567

This woman finds out the hard way that brakes dont work very well on ice. A...

Firefighter Chief Snake Prank Play Video

Firefighter Chief Snake Prank

98 months ago 405,401 427

A bunch of guys at a firehouse pull a prank on their boss with a fake snake...

Teeth Trailer Play Video

Teeth Trailer

98 months ago 720,383 9

Worried about getting an STD from that one night stand you had? Thats nothi...

Paper Airplane, NYC Play Video

Paper Airplane, NYC

98 months ago 669,193 2

This guy launches a paper airplane off the 30th floor of a building in the ...

Iraqi Interrogation Play Video

Iraqi Interrogation

98 months ago 260,916 82

Always good to see the guys in Iraq having a good time. I got a kick out o...

Cheerleader Taken Out Hard Play Video

Cheerleader Taken Out Hard

98 months ago 2,183,290 321

Some cheerleader gets taken out hard by her teammate at some national champ...


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