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Doorway Jump Fail Play Video

Doorway Jump Fail

79 months ago 171,632

This guy wanted to prove he could run through the ...

Circus Lions Attack Trainers Play Video

Circus Lions Attack Trainers

79 months ago 191,964

Attempting to avoid a traumatizing experience for his kids this Dad starts ...

360 Swing Fail Play Video

360 Swing Fail

79 months ago 158,156

These guys push their buddy 360 degrees on a swing till he loses his grip a...

Worst School Band Ever Play Video

Worst School Band Ever

79 months ago 237,441

This is the depressing sequel to Mr. Holland's Opus, "Mr. Holland's Hopeles...

Epic Gaming Papercraft Play Video

Epic Gaming Papercraft

These awesome papercraft characters from popular video games proves that yo...

Dog Vs Bride Play Video

Dog Vs Bride

79 months ago 143,891

Turns out bringing their dogs to the ...

30 Hot Hockey Girls Play Video

30 Hot Hockey Girls

Fake. If these girls really belonged in those hockey jerseys, they'd be mis...


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