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Cliff Just Gives Up Play Video

Cliff Just Gives Up 38 months ago

A group of tourists take a trip to watch the beautiful English countryside....

That's A Nice Trick Play Video

That's A Nice Trick 38 months ago

This chick has a clever way of getting guys to buy her drinks all night.

Dubstep Makes Juggling Cool Play Video

Dubstep Makes Juggling Cool 38 months ago

Add a little dubstep and juggling goes from that hobby that girls laugh at ...

Hamster Vacuum Play Video

Hamster Vacuum 38 months ago

Screw Dyson, get one of these things in your house and you'll be set.

15 Punches To The Face Play Video

15 Punches To The Face 38 months ago

As the capoeira knockout kick video shows, the moment of impact can be a as...



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