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Dirt Bikers Fight After Race Play Video

Dirt Bikers Fight After Race

86 months ago 219,378 21

Alright fellas, helmet punches and pushing are ok, but nothing below the be...

Perfect Shot To The Head Play Video

Perfect Shot To The Head

86 months ago 154,982 152

This kid hangs from the rimm after a dunk and his buddy tosses a ball full ...

Karate Kick Direct Hit Play Video

Karate Kick Direct Hit

86 months ago 160,837 136

This poor dude gets dropped with a direct hit to the balls. Now I know thi...

Break Gallery CCCVII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCVII

Break Gallery 307 is going to keep you laughing through the week.Enjoy!

Sticky Street Play Video

Sticky Street

86 months ago 315,242 1

You would think the people in this town would realize the tar on the street...

Chick Terrified Of Horses Play Video

Chick Terrified Of Horses

86 months ago 906,783 32

This girl has been absolutely terrified of horses her entire life. She att...

Male Gymnastic Routine Fails Play Video

Male Gymnastic Routine Fails

86 months ago 152,735 1

These guys probably should of practiced this one a bit more before going li...


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