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Doberman Likes Water Slide Play Video

Doberman Likes Water Slide

100 months ago 772,855 2

Apparently, this dog when let outside into the pool will continue taking ri...

Worlds Dumbest Bank Robber Play Video

Worlds Dumbest Bank Robber

100 months ago 540,149 1

This has got to be one of the dumbest bank robbers we have ever seen. He w...

Internet People Play Video

Internet People

100 months ago 467,341 1

A really well done and creative song highlighting all the people the intern...

Dock Tackle Revenge Play Video

Dock Tackle Revenge

100 months ago 332,996 1,306,477

The kid who got superman tackled off the dock gets hiss revenge by putting ...

Break Gallery CLIII Play Video

Break Gallery CLIII

Break Gallery #153!!! Get ready for a special version of the photo hunt and...

Parkour Wannabe Play Video

Parkour Wannabe

100 months ago 409,036 1

Check out this guy trying out to wall jump and grab onto the ledge of a bri...

Who Is The Naughty Boy Play Video

Who Is The Naughty Boy

100 months ago 150,979 353,826

This is Senator Craig during a 1999 interview responding to the actions of ...

Rally Car Roll Over Play Video

Rally Car Roll Over

100 months ago 475,966 1

Check out how many times this rally car flips over before finally coming to...

Pool Stunt Ends Painfully Play Video

Pool Stunt Ends Painfully

100 months ago 506,825 1

These kids come up with the bright idea to stand on top of a stack of chair...

Nasty Wakeboard Accident Play Video

Nasty Wakeboard Accident

100 months ago 356,186 911,795

This wakeboarder has a nasty accident as he is being pulled under a bridge.

Lottery Spending Spree Play Video

Lottery Spending Spree

100 months ago 622,994 1,401,198

Two scratch off lottery winners spend all their winnings in 8 hours on hook...

Tire Explodes In Guys Face Play Video

Tire Explodes In Guys Face

100 months ago 720,754 3

This guy learns a very simple lesson, if you keep filling a tire up with ai...

Rally Car Drivers Ram House Play Video

Rally Car Drivers Ram House

100 months ago 476,906 2,054,918

This guys going to be pissed when he gets home. Watch how many rally car d...

ATV Crashes After Huge Jump Play Video

ATV Crashes After Huge Jump

100 months ago 291,607 853,515

An ATV takes a huge jump but overturns and lands on the front wheels flippi...

Rope Swing Lake Stunts Play Video

Rope Swing Lake Stunts

100 months ago 411,891 694,310

This just looks like a lot of fun. A bunch of guys film themselves swingin...


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