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Easiest Guy To Scare Ever Play Video

Easiest Guy To Scare Ever

79 months ago 190,956

This Opie and Anthony intern, Stevie, is really looking forward to becoming...

Smash Board Fail Play Video

Smash Board Fail

79 months ago 135,406

This dude not only fails at breaking through a two boards but he breaks his...

Motorcycle Slams Into Truck Play Video

Motorcycle Slams Into Truck

79 months ago 95,895

I'm sure this guy really liked his motorcycle but you would think he might ...

Sidewalk Sign Jump Accident Play Video

Sidewalk Sign Jump Accident

79 months ago 95,457

Much like the apartment building whose sign this guy attempts to leap, ther...

Bathroom Hair Flip Fail Play Video

Bathroom Hair Flip Fail

79 months ago 175,118

This girl almost knocks herself out during her beauty secrets video blog. B...

Little Kid Hates The Raiders Play Video

Little Kid Hates The Raiders

79 months ago 127,562

I feel for you kid. It's messed up that the Raiders beat the Chargers this...

Failed Wall Jump Play Video

Failed Wall Jump

79 months ago 161,940

This dude learns the difference between friends that say 'Jump off wall and...

Kitten Can't Lift Dumbbell Play Video

Kitten Can't Lift Dumbbell

79 months ago 253,634

This cat's goal with weightlifting is to be ripped and hairy like Fergie.


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