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9 Funniest Kiss Cam Moments Play Video

9 Funniest Kiss Cam Moments 41 months ago

This is a great collection of some of the funniest (and hottest) kiss cam m...

Worst Race Start Ever Play Video

Worst Race Start Ever 41 months ago

They should let this guy stand on the winner's podium at the end just so th...

Horrible Boxing Skils Play Video

Horrible Boxing Skils 41 months ago

Somebody should of told the dude in the Vick jersey that your allowed to bl...

Parachute Crash Landing Play Video

Parachute Crash Landing 41 months ago

This dude tries to parachute down right in front of his house but ends up c...

Parkour Slip Into Basement Play Video

Parkour Slip Into Basement 41 months ago

This dude falls head first through an opening and lands fourteen feet below...