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Amazing Bicycle Kick Goal Play Video

Amazing Bicycle Kick Goal

91 months ago 578,885 18

You don't see the holy grail of soccer shots often, but this guy nails it a...

Cat Plays Dead When Shot Play Video

Cat Plays Dead When Shot

91 months ago 781,308 24

I'm not sure I can find a clip today of someone wiping out hard enough to b...

Lamp Prank Goes Wrong Play Video

Lamp Prank Goes Wrong

91 months ago 537,601 3

Light bulbs appear over your head when you have an idea, but they do someth...

Break Gallery CCXLIX Play Video

Break Gallery CCXLIX

I'll be honest: Break Gallery 249 contains some pretty awesome pics. Take y...

The Ballad of Mario Kart Play Video

The Ballad of Mario Kart

91 months ago 298,342 22

Looking to score with emo chicks who love Nintendo racing games? Sing this ...

Rally Car Misses Landing Play Video

Rally Car Misses Landing

91 months ago 262,393 22,990

This driver hits a ramp way too hard which sends him soaring into a bunch o...

Biker Has Amazing Recovery Play Video

Biker Has Amazing Recovery

91 months ago 293,569 5

Here's a classic video of a biker who falls off his bike during a race and ...

Kid Is Terrified Of Puppets Play Video

Kid Is Terrified Of Puppets

91 months ago 318,207 1

The teachers at this grade school put on a puppet show for the kids and sca...


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