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Hack The News Play Video

Hack The News

76 months ago 224,262

This kid messes with his local news channel by hacking into the teleprompte...

Truck Service Fail Play Video

Truck Service Fail

76 months ago 250,725

This mechanic should be very happy his buddy came in to talk with him when ...

Soldier Stuck In Canal Play Video

Soldier Stuck In Canal

76 months ago 380,375

We're trying to get our soldiers out of Afghanistan. It's just going to tak...

Models Fight On Catwalk Play Video

Models Fight On Catwalk

76 months ago 404,089

The stakes are high with this fight. The loser gets a free meal and has to ...

Prisoner Dives Into Toilet Play Video

Prisoner Dives Into Toilet

76 months ago 335,406

OK, the approach was perfect, and the flight was spectacular, but that was ...

Cat Deely Drops "F" Bomb Play Video

Cat Deely Drops "F" Bomb

76 months ago 246,921

TV host, Cat Deely, proves that sometimes it's better to stick to the cue c...

Bartender Bottle Fail Play Video

Bartender Bottle Fail

76 months ago 131,254

The bartender was on a roll until the bottle slips out of his hand and take...

Fence Jump Rollerblader Fail Play Video

Fence Jump Rollerblader Fail

76 months ago 98,374

This kid faceplants hard into the edge of a curb after coming up one inch s...


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