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Crazy Martial Arts Demo Play Video

Crazy Martial Arts Demo 40 months ago

These guys clearly opted not to go through years of training. Looking crazy...

Crane Smashes House Play Video

Crane Smashes House 40 months ago

Attempting to transport a large hot tub, a crane crashes through the roof o...

Insanely Strong 70 Year Old Play Video

Insanely Strong 70 Year Old 40 months ago

This old man makes you realize that you probably aren't reaching your full ...

Lioness Wants To Eat Baby Play Video

Lioness Wants To Eat Baby 40 months ago

A lioness tries desperately to get to a nearby baby. Normally, she has a ba...

The Best Of "Got Talent" Play Video

The Best Of "Got Talent" 41 months ago

We've collected all the greatest Got Talent clips in one place for you to e...