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Kid Faceplants on Dirt Jump Play Video

Kid Faceplants on Dirt Jump

100 months ago 323,088 2,432,022

Some kid tries to clear a small dirt jump but his back tire just misses the...

Lego Assassin Play Video

Lego Assassin

100 months ago 419,353 3,625,349

Lego man goes on a rampage killing all the townspeople. Pretty cool video m...

Jelly Fish Invade lake Play Video

Jelly Fish Invade lake

100 months ago 614,600 458,524

As one of many people who will be spending this labor day weekend at a lake...

Seagull Grab Play Video

Seagull Grab

100 months ago 353,742 642,971

Using an elaborate set up that included a bag of Doritos, a snorkel and cat...

Top That! Play Video

Top That!

100 months ago 1,034,052 2,412,884

This scene from 1989s Teen Witch might be the exact moment which hip hop di...

Piss Cup Wake Up Backfires Play Video

Piss Cup Wake Up Backfires

100 months ago 799,130 2

How exactly did he expect that turn out? I love how he is like shocked and ...

TimeShift: The Movie Play Video

TimeShift: The Movie

The guys who created the game TimeShift just sent us this scene from the Ti...

Mascot Nut Smash Play Video

Mascot Nut Smash

100 months ago 254,708 550,759

When youre wearing a mascot suit, your vision and agility is already downgr...

Bridge Jump Belly Flop Play Video

Bridge Jump Belly Flop

100 months ago 924,126 7

This kid does a full on super man off a bridge landing a face first belly f...

Chicago Candy Factory Blown Up Play Video

Chicago Candy Factory Blown Up

100 months ago 522,397 164,036

Great video of the producers of Dark Knight, the next batman movie, blowing...

Break Gallery CLII Play Video

Break Gallery CLII

Break Gallery #152!!! Hold onto your hats people, it is another torrential ...

Cop Has Trouble With Door Play Video

Cop Has Trouble With Door

100 months ago 398,093 1,485,150

Some cop attempts to kick in a door numerous times, but fails miserably and...

Power Plant Demo Goes Bad Play Video

Power Plant Demo Goes Bad

100 months ago 466,700 392,528

You can see the power plant starting to fall in the right direction but the...


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