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Knock Out Punch Breaks TV Play Video

Knock Out Punch Breaks TV

81 months ago 176,607 145

Well, the punch might of been free but the TV is going to cost a couple gra...

Korean Soldier Failed Kick Play Video

Korean Soldier Failed Kick

81 months ago 206,324 67

This dude squares up to his kick for nearly a minute then completely misses...

Christmas Tree Rocketry Play Video

Christmas Tree Rocketry

81 months ago 155,064 3

These guys want to stay 'green' this Christmas so they recycle their tree i...

Online Gamer Plays Monopoly Play Video

Online Gamer Plays Monopoly

81 months ago 282,441 26

A guy's girlfriend interrupts his online gaming session to make him play Mo...

The Human Firecracker Play Video

The Human Firecracker

81 months ago 64,969 58

As awesome as his outfit is, he still has trouble finding a girl to light h...


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