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Chatroulette Love Song Play Video

Chatroulette Love Song

73 months ago 132,154

This is a clever love song that some dude comes up with when Chatroulette d...

Thailand's Got WTF? Play Video

Thailand's Got WTF?

73 months ago 404,991

During this episode of Thailand's Got Talent, the judges prepare themselves...

Epic Home Sale Commercial Play Video

Epic Home Sale Commercial

73 months ago 280,732

A hot chick tied to a chair, and police storming the front doors? Wait a mi...

Faceplant Off Picnic Table Play Video

Faceplant Off Picnic Table

73 months ago 90,384

This kid keeps the 'BMX jump off a picnic table' streak alive by ending it ...

Penguin Leap Of Faith Play Video

Penguin Leap Of Faith

73 months ago 213,354

A cute penguin attempts to jump over a 23 foot drop from one boulder to the...

Chick Faceplants Into Desk Play Video

Chick Faceplants Into Desk

73 months ago 188,722

A chick running to her seat is cut off by her classmate and trips into the ...

25 Foot Tire Drop Nutshot Play Video

25 Foot Tire Drop Nutshot

73 months ago 138,964

This is like a reverse bar mitzvah. After this event, he's no longer a man,...


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