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Huge Two Punch Knockout Play Video

Huge Two Punch Knockout

91 months ago 397,607 2

This is a pretty one-sided fight that the crowd must've known would end in ...

Karate Masters Crush Bricks Play Video

Karate Masters Crush Bricks

91 months ago 110,388 4

A couple of experts in the art of destruction obliterate walls, ice, jet pl...

Old Woman Golf Cart Failure Play Video

Old Woman Golf Cart Failure

91 months ago 480,326 17

A mother-in-law has big problems learning to drive. In Soviet Russia, golf ...

Biking Under the Influence Play Video

Biking Under the Influence

91 months ago 1,111,987 27

After several rounds at the pub, this old man has a funny struggle with his...

Break Gallery CCXIL Play Video

Break Gallery CCXIL

Another HUGE Break Gallery full of awesome pics from all over the web. Don'...

Uphill ATV Accident Play Video

Uphill ATV Accident

91 months ago 137,950 6

A helmet-mounted cam catches some shaky footage of why you need to give you...

Kid Owned by Dry Ice Bomb Play Video

Kid Owned by Dry Ice Bomb

91 months ago 379,455 25

After it fails to explode, a dry ice bomb decides to explode at a perfectly...

Idiots Destroy Horse Statue Play Video

Idiots Destroy Horse Statue

91 months ago 222,568 24

It's safe to say these funny guys probably had a few drinks before they tri...

Stupid Driver Gets Wrecked Play Video

Stupid Driver Gets Wrecked

91 months ago 318,529 1

A Mercedes driver learns the hard way that some u-turns are illegal for a r...

Hilariously Awful Fence Jump Play Video

Hilariously Awful Fence Jump

91 months ago 264,112 6

It's hard to imagine this genius failing any worse in this epic leap over h...


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