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Little Superstar Play Video

Little Superstar

108 months ago 1,693,978 134

This Little Superstar has mad dancing skills!

Turtle Lovin Play Video

Turtle Lovin

108 months ago 422,816 4

I dont know why I always find this funny. But here yet again are two turtl...

Kid Wipes Out Face First Play Video

Kid Wipes Out Face First

108 months ago 559,437 536,157

This kid wipes out so hard after a jump that he literally breaks the concre...

Purple Faced Rage Play Video

Purple Faced Rage

108 months ago 454,688 1

Fox News recently interviewed Bill Clinton. This is a short clip from that...

A New Hatebreed Fan Play Video

A New Hatebreed Fan

108 months ago 614,600 10

Check out this toddler rocking out to the new Hatebreed album.. He's got me...

Army Live Footage From Iraq Play Video

Army Live Footage From Iraq

108 months ago 833,072 5

Here's some pretty sweet live footage of a couple Army guys doing what they...

Fox Reporter Gets Tipped Play Video

Fox Reporter Gets Tipped

108 months ago 920,205 419,108

Some of those Fox news women are just total foxes. Can you blame this guy f...

Terrorist Bloopers Play Video

Terrorist Bloopers

108 months ago 596,291 1,728,830

Terrorists are everywhere and they hate our freedom. But with all those vid...

Enrique Iglesias Cant Sing Play Video

Enrique Iglesias Cant Sing

108 months ago 538,264 8

While filming a music video the cameras rolled and the mics were on as Enri...

How To Make A Soccer Partner Play Video

How To Make A Soccer Partner

108 months ago 460,263 3

This is a great commercial about a kid who is sick of playing soccer by him...

Give Me A G! Play Video

Give Me A G!

Michelle is back with some more great sex advice. This time she discusses t...

Girl Falls Off Couch Play Video

Girl Falls Off Couch

108 months ago 585,761 4

So that's where Sara's fear of venetian blinds comes from.

Train Vs Grain Truck Play Video

Train Vs Grain Truck

108 months ago 679,669 4,219,161

A security camera caught some incredible footage of a grain truck getting t...

Jackass 2 Press Junket Play Video

Jackass 2 Press Junket

108 months ago 282,535 722,899

Steve0 and Chris Pontius were nice enough to sit down with us and answer a ...

Bindi Irwin Tribute Play Video

Bindi Irwin Tribute

108 months ago 269,882 611,398

Steve Irwin's 8 year old daughter Bindi reads a heartfelt tribute to her da...

Helicopter Crashes In The Sea Play Video

Helicopter Crashes In The Sea

108 months ago 635,840 8,122,605

This is some pretty incredible footage of a helicopter crashing in the ocea...

Street Fight Play Video

Street Fight

108 months ago 4,708,986 42

During a basketball game some kid picks a fight with another player. The ot...

Your Secrets Are Safe Play Video

Your Secrets Are Safe

108 months ago 327,538 3

This is pretty funny. Some dude goes to his doctor and when he is checking...


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