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Parkour Wall Collapse Play Video

Parkour Wall Collapse

77 months ago 93,862

It looks like support for Parkour is crumbling in Russia, now, too.

Deer Mounts Woman Play Video

Deer Mounts Woman

77 months ago 173,796

This guy's outlook on wives seems to be "Eh, you win some, you lose some."

Little Raver Kid Play Video

Little Raver Kid

77 months ago 375,410

Cute little kid dances to rave music in his carseat.

Kid Faceplants Off Rail Play Video

Kid Faceplants Off Rail

77 months ago 56,342

What went wrong? Well, for starters you used your face to land the jump an...

Kid Rides Scooter Off Cliff Play Video

Kid Rides Scooter Off Cliff

77 months ago 134,881

This goofy kid confuses the brake with the accelerator and drives right ove...

25 Epic Gangsta Fails Play Video

25 Epic Gangsta Fails

Nothing says gangsta like taking a picture of yourself and putting it all o...

Flagpole Headshot Accident Play Video

Flagpole Headshot Accident

77 months ago 45,342

This just appears to be practice. When it's game time, he'll probably knock...

Tin Foil Tactics Play Video

Tin Foil Tactics

After this tin foil episode, the producers were racking their brains to rem...

Dirt Bike Front Flip Fail Play Video

Dirt Bike Front Flip Fail

77 months ago 103,732

I don't think I have ever seen a successful front flip on a dirt bike. The...

Shotgun Recoil Nutshot Play Video

Shotgun Recoil Nutshot

77 months ago 135,883

This is win/win. The adrenaline rush will stave off the Beijing Cocktail, a...


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