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Potato Cannon Nutshot Play Video

Potato Cannon Nutshot

76 months ago 88,917

When I lose a bet to my buddies it's usually for twenty bucks. These guys ...

How To Steal A Bike Play Video

How To Steal A Bike

76 months ago 169,171

After getting his bike stolen three times from the same location in less th...

Samurai Sword Stunt Fail Play Video

Samurai Sword Stunt Fail

76 months ago 185,743

This kid attempts to split a can in half but ends up slicing his buddies ha...

Parkour Training Face Smash Play Video

Parkour Training Face Smash

77 months ago 100,233

THIS is why Sylvester Stallone doesn't use stunt doubles. They're usually p...

Video Game Controls RC Car Play Video

Video Game Controls RC Car

77 months ago 166,761

A pretty cool concept but you would think after all that work that would of...

Skater Bounces Face Off Curb Play Video

Skater Bounces Face Off Curb

77 months ago 60,681

Skater hits a jump and launches himself off the track face first into a cur...


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