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Crazy Dog Forgets To Jump Play Video

Crazy Dog Forgets To Jump

73 months ago 228,558

The best part is after he slams into the bed the look he gives the chick wh...

30 Hot Baseball Chicks Play Video

30 Hot Baseball Chicks

Here are some hot chicks to remind you why guys play sports. To get hot chi...

Awkward! Pervert Priest Play Video

Awkward! Pervert Priest

A priest takes to the streets, looking for a little action. What? You think...

Pole Dancing For Jesus Play Video

Pole Dancing For Jesus

73 months ago 204,242

A woman in Texas has started a Pole Dancing For Jesus class. She believes o...

Parkour Pipe Jumping Fail Play Video

Parkour Pipe Jumping Fail

73 months ago 119,071

Kid slips off the top of a steel pipe and takes a crushing nutshot before l...

Baby's Favorite Word Play Video

Baby's Favorite Word

73 months ago 258,425

Cute little kid picked up a word she heard Mom yell one day and now it's he...


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