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Kid Gets Knocked Out Cold Play Video

Kid Gets Knocked Out Cold

74 months ago 163,472

This is the first and probably last time this dude puts on a pair of boxing...

Hugh Jackman Nutshot Play Video

Hugh Jackman Nutshot

74 months ago 96,317

Hugh Jackman is having a rough month. Starts off by busting up his eye on ...

Mini Fridge Beer Cannon Play Video

Mini Fridge Beer Cannon

75 months ago 110,247

This mini fridge beer cannon robot is pretty cool. I sincerely hope that bu...

Beer Filled From The Bottom Play Video

Beer Filled From The Bottom

75 months ago 356,911

I know the wheel, the light bulb, and the airplane are all important invent...

B-Boy Santa Play Video

B-Boy Santa

75 months ago 169,441

Now that you know what Santa does the other 364 days of the year, you kind ...

The Cup Size Choir Play Video

The Cup Size Choir

75 months ago 307,491

This is probably the best Christmas Carol you'll hear this holiday. The iro...

Crazy Christmas Carolers Play Video

Crazy Christmas Carolers

75 months ago 196,012

A group of late night Christmas carolers get stopped by the cops but are ab...

No Wheel, No Problem Play Video

No Wheel, No Problem

75 months ago 256,847

This dude is probably going to punch the first person to make a joke about ...

Santa Tossing Play Video

Santa Tossing

Because he deserves it for every single year you aimed high with your wish ...

Top 10 Fails of 2010 Play Video

Top 10 Fails of 2010

With falling camels, rope swing disasters, and dumpster divers to choose fr...

I Just Had Sex Play Video

I Just Had Sex

75 months ago 343,041

Lonely Island and Akon sing an anthem for anyone who just had sex.



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