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BMX Faceplant On Eye Play Video

BMX Faceplant On Eye 47 months ago

You know the injury to your face is serious when you look like Liza Minelli...

Tom Brady 911 Call Play Video

Tom Brady 911 Call 47 months ago

Tom Brady was in a car accident this weekend, and this is a "leaked" record...

Ant Hurricane Play Video

Ant Hurricane 47 months ago

Well, this is something I haven't seen before. Millions of ants get caught...

Dirt Bike Street Jump Fail Play Video

Dirt Bike Street Jump Fail 47 months ago

This dude does an impressive 53 foot jump across a street but was a little ...

Pole Dance Fail On Bedpost Play Video

Pole Dance Fail On Bedpost 47 months ago

Yeah, she broke the bedpost, but give her a break. Einstein didn't come up ...