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Drunk Guy Owned by Ladder Play Video

Drunk Guy Owned by Ladder

80 months ago 163,632 2

A thoughtful friend tries to rescue his friend from a treehouse and ends up...

Frog Fails At Snagging Lunch Play Video

Frog Fails At Snagging Lunch

80 months ago 117,191 882

A hi-speed 500fps camera catches a frog jumping up at a dragonfly but comin...

Biker Takes Out Pedestrian Play Video

Biker Takes Out Pedestrian

80 months ago 124,969 45

This poor guy hears a noise behind him and just as he turns around to see w...

Pole Vault Snaps Play Video

Pole Vault Snaps

80 months ago 132,844 1

The goal here is to climb to the top of the pole as it falls toward the oth...

Icy Road Sliding Skills Play Video

Icy Road Sliding Skills

80 months ago 86,815 1

This kid shows off some impressive skills as his buddy pulls him down an ic...

Break Gallery CCCLXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CCCLXVI

Break Gallery 366! Speedo Photobombs, Turtlegators, Lego People, and many m...


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