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Guy Drives Through Mall Play Video

Guy Drives Through Mall

104 months ago 480,705 1,907,385

Some guy who is most likely very drunk takes a nice little joy ride through...

Awesome Half-Time Dunk Show Play Video

Awesome Half-Time Dunk Show

104 months ago 1,142,078 1

This is a great clip from some half-time show. Not only does one dude tota...

Wooden Spoon Prank Play Video

Wooden Spoon Prank

104 months ago 572,101 4

Again this prank is still really funny to me, I hope we get a bunch more vi...

Seagull Catching At The Beach Play Video

Seagull Catching At The Beach

104 months ago 752,130 1

This is a great prank to pull at the beach, cover yourself in sand and wait...

Crazy Stage Dive Play Video

Crazy Stage Dive

104 months ago 902,118 18

One of the guys from the band Scary Kids Scaring Kids does probably the cra...

Girl With Crazy Ailien Laugh Play Video

Girl With Crazy Ailien Laugh

104 months ago 1,281,762 1

This chick is watching a video on Break and has one of the craziest friggin...

Bus Wakeup Prank Play Video

Bus Wakeup Prank

104 months ago 723,572 1,286,936

These guys catch their buddy passed out on the bus. They blow an air horn ...

Really Useful Paper Tip Play Video

Really Useful Paper Tip

104 months ago 1,253,484 1

This is a really good trick that will help you meet your quota for the pape...

Ask Will Ferrell A Question! Play Video

Ask Will Ferrell A Question!

104 months ago 477,198 6

Break is going to the Press Junket for Blades of Glory Friday and instead o...

My Family Thinks Im Gay Play Video

My Family Thinks Im Gay

104 months ago 2,501,830 2

This kid named Bo Burnham could be the next Stephen Lynch, he sings a hilar...

Never Give Up Play Video

Never Give Up

104 months ago 1,206,504 4

This dude gets knocked out cold in a boxing fight but that doesnt keep him ...

Indonesian Plane Crash Play Video

Indonesian Plane Crash

104 months ago 1,034,843 3,137,996

Yesterday an Indonesian airliner crashed due to a gust of wind. 118 passen...

Incredible Sidecar Crash Play Video

Incredible Sidecar Crash

104 months ago 702,910 3

This is actually a sidecar crash from 1996. Neither the driver Shane Souta...

Break Gallery CXXVII Play Video

Break Gallery CXXVII

Break Gallery #127!!! Man it has been a crazy week in the world and weve go...

Pole Vault Explosion Play Video

Pole Vault Explosion

104 months ago 699,711 291,364

Watch as this guys pole pretty much explodes right after he plants in the b...

Pop Warner Parents Brawl Play Video

Pop Warner Parents Brawl

104 months ago 1,337,760 8

A full on brawl erupts at a Pop Warner football game and its not the player...

New Wooden Spoon Prank Victim Play Video

New Wooden Spoon Prank Victim

104 months ago 978,786 2,118,677

This wooden spoon prank is quickly becoming my favorite gag of the year, it...


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