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How To Catch A Pigeon Play Video

How To Catch A Pigeon

76 months ago 211,904

The city of Barcelona agreed to hire and pay these two guys per pigeon they...

Bowling Ball Nutshot Play Video

Bowling Ball Nutshot

76 months ago 106,541

A fat kid sits at the bottom of a slide and catches a 16lb bowling ball wit...

Insane Cat Lady Play Video

Insane Cat Lady

76 months ago 337,153

This footage was taken outside the Sacred Heart School in Coventry. So far...

The Dancer Play Video

The Dancer

Orbit Dirty Shorts presents “The Dancer” – the second episode in a new web ...

World's Luckiest Driver Play Video

World's Luckiest Driver

76 months ago 207,007

A driver briefly falls asleep at the wheel while he passes through a busy i...

Skater Almost Gets Run Over Play Video

Skater Almost Gets Run Over

76 months ago 118,952

A skater steps out of the way of a speeding car at the last moment but his ...

Insane Ladder Drop Accident Play Video

Insane Ladder Drop Accident

76 months ago 117,647

It doesn't take a genius to see that he could've used a much shorter ladder...

Chest Bump Fail Play Video

Chest Bump Fail

76 months ago 172,803

Female athletics just took two steps forward and a massive shoulder to the ...


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