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Bruce Lee's Kung Fu Ping-Pong Play Video

Bruce Lee's Kung Fu Ping-Pong

90 months ago 584,066 104

Check out this really cool commercial for a Chinese phone company in which ...

Hoop Catapult Failure Play Video

Hoop Catapult Failure

90 months ago 424,648 26

A bunch of guys send their friend flying into the roof. They were so close ...

Vengeful Man Blows Up Car Play Video

Vengeful Man Blows Up Car

90 months ago 456,642 33

A CCTV camera catches a Turkish man dousing his former friend's car in gaso...

Bike Hero Play Video

Bike Hero

90 months ago 561,767 16

This is one of the most original and coolest videos I have seen in awhile. ...

Break Gallery CCXLV Play Video

Break Gallery CCXLV

Break Gallery 245 is LOADED with awesome pics to get you over hump day. It'...

Big Chick Snaps Seat Play Video

Big Chick Snaps Seat

90 months ago 1,165,394 15

This is why the whale stays in the water, not in the boat.

PETA Pwns Lindsay Lohan Play Video

PETA Pwns Lindsay Lohan

90 months ago 526,507 21

C' you really think a little white powder is gonna phase the Lohan?...

Are We Having Fun Yet? Play Video

Are We Having Fun Yet?

90 months ago 793,855 5

This is security footage of a dining room of a cruise boat as it hits rough...

Frisky Dolphin Finds A Friend Play Video

Frisky Dolphin Finds A Friend

90 months ago 681,941 3

Apparently, a couple fish wasn't enough for this dolphin to keep doing tric...


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