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French Fireman Olympics Play Video

French Fireman Olympics

These are some pretty cool athletic competitions the firemen compete in. Th...

Cat Plays With Dolphin Play Video

Cat Plays With Dolphin

72 months ago 207,747

Sometimes you play with your food; other times your food plays with you. <...

Office Pranker Gets Pranked Play Video

Office Pranker Gets Pranked

72 months ago 199,426

An office prank gets reversed, and the pranker becomes the prankee. I reall...

Car Smash Fail Play Video

Car Smash Fail

72 months ago 173,919

This dude paid twenty bucks at a charity fundraiser to smash a car three ti...

Making Coffee In Afghanistan Play Video

Making Coffee In Afghanistan

72 months ago 314,930

A couple soldiers demonstrate how coffee gets made in Afghanistan. Now all ...

Bobcat Sitting On A Cactus Play Video

Bobcat Sitting On A Cactus

72 months ago 186,092

He doesn't remember going to sleep but does remember waking up on this cact...

Most Awesome Pranks 4! Play Video

Most Awesome Pranks 4!

This is the fourth Most Awesome Pranks compilation we've put together, and ...

How To Stop Texting Play Video

How To Stop Texting

72 months ago 142,953

Breaking yourself of your texting addiction is now easier than it's ever be...


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