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No Fear Of Heights Play Video

No Fear Of Heights

54 months ago 136,035 31

If you even have a slight fear of heights this video will be difficult to w...

18 Awesome Origami Creations View Gallery

18 Awesome Origami Creations

54 months ago 7,196 41,565

Origami is the ancient internet art of posting pics of stuff you made out o...

But is it Racist? View Gallery

But is it Racist?

54 months ago 5,661 41,165

Every so often people post things online and they feel, somehow, it's offen...

Dog Door Fail Play Video

Dog Door Fail

54 months ago 56,200 4

A very adorable yet highly unintelligent dog tries to walk through a door b...

Our Favorite Video Game Fails Play Videos

Our Favorite Video Game Fails

54 months ago 27,458 16

In honor of the Diablo III release quagmire, we compiled some of our favori...

Lingerie Football Girl Fail Play Video

Lingerie Football Girl Fail

54 months ago 218,949 31

This chick just learned out the hard way that the Philadelphia Passion Ling...

Horse Kicks Dog At The Beach Play Video

Horse Kicks Dog At The Beach

54 months ago 102,242 41

This will probably be the last time this old dog gets excited to see horses...

If Diablo III Were A Girl Play Video

If Diablo III Were A Girl

54 months ago 97,277 3

If you're one of the two million people that have purchased this game since...


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