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Derp!  Missed It By That Much Play Video

Derp! Missed It By That Much

52 months ago 56,090

If there were a medal awarded in 'Synchronized Faceplanting' these guys wou...

12 People Eating on the Can View Gallery

12 People Eating on the Can

52 months ago 8,583

It's a pretty standard rule that you should never, ever eat on the toilet, ...

10 Wicked Snake Bites View Gallery

10 Wicked Snake Bites

52 months ago 15,560

Snakes are amazing animals with some nasty tempers when provoked. Just loo...

OMG TRAINS! Play Video


52 months ago 85,744

We here at Break wish that we loved anything as much as the man in this vid...

Meanwhile, in Russia... View Gallery

Meanwhile, in Russia...

52 months ago 4,466

Our Russian friends are bringing us hospitality this week int he form of en...

An Unhappy Gilmore Play Video

An Unhappy Gilmore

52 months ago 55,389

The only thing worse than taking a golf ball drive to the nuts from 20 yard...

A Monkey's Plea To Escape Play Video

A Monkey's Plea To Escape

52 months ago 91,534

A monkey relentlessly tries to communicate with a tourist how to open a zoo...

10 Ridiculously Huge Snacks View Gallery

10 Ridiculously Huge Snacks

52 months ago 6,579

None of these things needs to exist. But they do. And they're kind of awes...

11 Reasons to Respect Mr. T View Gallery

11 Reasons to Respect Mr. T

52 months ago 2,396

Mr.T is a badass, make no mistake. Here's some photographic evidence of ju...

When Trust Falls Attack Play Video

When Trust Falls Attack

52 months ago 82,146

Would you trust a perfect stranger to catch you if you fell? The kid in thi...

12 Memorable Olympic Moments View Gallery

12 Memorable Olympic Moments

52 months ago 17,438

Not sure what all the hype is over the Olympics is? Maybe you're missing o...


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