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Kangaroo Licks Its Own Balls Play Video

Kangaroo Licks Its Own Balls

64 months ago 121,037 2

He always said that if he were able to do that, he'd have no reason to leav...

Playground Parkour Faceplant Play Video

Playground Parkour Faceplant

64 months ago 120,006 263

His friends think this gave him temporary amnesia because after smashing hi...

Bed Intruder Remix Play Video

Bed Intruder Remix

64 months ago 489,650 666

This is the best Autotune the News remix since Autotune the News #2. I give...

Ladder Parkour Play Video

Ladder Parkour

64 months ago 201,719 17

No camera tricks here these kids are just insane.

Slow Motion Destruction Play Video

Slow Motion Destruction

64 months ago 311,876 69

These guys use a super-high FPS camera and capture amazing shots of a bunch...


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