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Near Miss Car Accident Play Video

Near Miss Car Accident

54 months ago 82,373 990

Hard to say someone was lucky after getting thrown out of their car, but lo...

Fear Of Heights Play Video

Fear Of Heights

54 months ago 96,967 8

If you're trying to overcome a fear of heights, this 577 ft Russian skyscra...

Man Unfazed By Cop's Taser Play Video

Man Unfazed By Cop's Taser

54 months ago 164,374 44

Usually, you don't have to tell someone to get on the ground when you're sh...

6 Weirdos in Love with Things View Gallery

6 Weirdos in Love with Things

54 months ago 5,517 19

A man can love a woman, a good cigar, the sport of football and even a dog ...

April 1st Prank On Baby Play Video

April 1st Prank On Baby

54 months ago 88,523 3

Dad plays an April Fools prank on his kid, but his son doesn't see the humo...

Dog Welcomes Home Soldier Play Video

Dog Welcomes Home Soldier

54 months ago 90,006 6

Check out how excited this dog is to see his owner come home from an eight ...

Pier Jump Prank Fail Play Video

Pier Jump Prank Fail

54 months ago 270,378 3

This dude is convinced he is jumping into water that is over 10 feet deep. ...

How To Lose With Style Play Video

How To Lose With Style

54 months ago 113,335 4

If you're going to fall three feet from the finish line you might as well d...

Hilarious Delayed Reaction Play Video

Hilarious Delayed Reaction

54 months ago 64,581 18

We have seen a lot of bad acting in sports, but this has to be one of the l...

World's First Flying Car Play Video

World's First Flying Car

54 months ago 61,676 1

A flying car prototype has been built in Holland that can reach speeds up t...

Man Plays With Grizzly Bear Play Video

Man Plays With Grizzly Bear

54 months ago 65,567 3

This is one of those rare videos that you'll find awesome and adorable, yet...

The Skipper Play Video

The Skipper

54 months ago 86,932 8

This guy just loves to skip. He skips everywhere and it's not creepy or wei...


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