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When You See It II Play Video

When You See It II

Some of these are a bit more tricky than others. Feel free to post the spoi...

Man on a Ledge Play Video

Man on a Ledge

55 months ago 70,670 1

If I had to choose one of the worst ways to wake up, this would probably be...

Ninja Slap Training Play Video

Ninja Slap Training

55 months ago 88,206 115

If this what it takes to be a ninja, I don't think I'm prepared.

Swarm Of Nano Quadrotors Play Video

Swarm Of Nano Quadrotors

55 months ago 124,139 5

Less than 9 seconds into the video and I was already thinking, "Shut up and...

Giorgio Loves Sonic Play Video

Giorgio Loves Sonic

55 months ago 109,937 29

The most entertaining drive-thru order you'll watch this year.

Getting Old Is Going To Suck Play Video

Getting Old Is Going To Suck

55 months ago 187,708 53

Well, give him credit for solving the dirty car problem. Wonder how long i...

Guy Rides on Plane Wing Play Video

Guy Rides on Plane Wing

55 months ago 71,189 145

I guess jumping out of a plane isn't a big enough thrill for some people an...

Cat Rides Subwoofer Play Video

Cat Rides Subwoofer

55 months ago 135,438 1

Play whatever you want, this cat doesn't care. In fact, it likes the beat, ...

Shaolin Monk: Iron Egg Skill Play Video

Shaolin Monk: Iron Egg Skill

55 months ago 128,676 8

This monk has trained himself to absorb kicks to the nuts, which means the ...


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