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Best Freudian Slip Ever Play Video

Best Freudian Slip Ever

55 months ago 268,426 4

Have two female news anchors report on an upcoming sausage festival and the...

Breakdancer Breaks Arm Play Video

Breakdancer Breaks Arm

55 months ago 89,544 3

New Rule: There is nothing ironic about breaking a limb while breakdancing.

Crazy Bike Skills from Canada Play Video

Crazy Bike Skills from Canada

55 months ago 95,518 35

This is an audition for "Canada's Got Talent," and a pretty good one at tha...

Future Ping Pong Champion Play Video

Future Ping Pong Champion

55 months ago 71,153 3

Good News! In 20 years we may actually have a shot at beating the Chinese ...

The Best of Maury #1 Play Video

The Best of Maury #1

55 months ago 68,676 8

The Maury Show might be the best show ever put on television. So many great...

A Hula Hoop's Perspective Play Video

A Hula Hoop's Perspective

55 months ago 73,257 124

Ever wanted to know what a hula hoop sees when you're playing with it? Well...


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