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Dog Goes Crazy For Helium Play Video

Dog Goes Crazy For Helium

59 months ago 261,135 57

This little dog loves helium and goes absolutely insane when the owner spra...

My Ex-Girlfriend Doll Play Video

My Ex-Girlfriend Doll

This song goes out to anyone with a ex-girlfriend they're happy to be rid o...

Dog Busts Puppy Out Of Cage Play Video

Dog Busts Puppy Out Of Cage

59 months ago 138,898 4

The owners couldn't figure out how their puppy corgi kept getting out of hi...

Row Machine Workout Fail Play Video

Row Machine Workout Fail

59 months ago 546,362 136

Not only was the gym owner embarrassed to have this guy at his gym but now ...

One-Legged Salsa Dancer Play Video

One-Legged Salsa Dancer

If you think this guy dancing with one leg is impressive, you should see th...

Angry Man Destroys Car Play Video

Angry Man Destroys Car

59 months ago 172,784 9

This dude decimates a car with his bare hands, but don't worry it's a renta...

Arizona Vs Dust Cloud Play Video

Arizona Vs Dust Cloud

59 months ago 87,760 1

Arizona is currently being consumed by a giant dust storm that looks a lot ...

Cat Can't Escape Tub Of Water Play Video

Cat Can't Escape Tub Of Water

59 months ago 186,650 6

As it tries to avoid landing in a tub of water, this cat is waging a battle...

Chain Reaction One Kick KO Play Video

Chain Reaction One Kick KO

59 months ago 216,062 15

A judge gets between two competitors and ends up accidentally winning the m...


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