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10 Steps To Great Kissing Play Video

10 Steps To Great Kissing

55 months ago 40,551 2

It's Valentine's and there's already a lot of pressure on you to buy a good...

Curious Cat Vs Fish Play Video

Curious Cat Vs Fish

55 months ago 52,675 2

Luckily for the cat curiosity didn't kill him this time. Damn.

Dozer Is A 250lb Lap Dog Play Video

Dozer Is A 250lb Lap Dog

55 months ago 130,650 390

Awesome dog. Weighing in at just under 250lbs this St.Bernard still thinks...

Mad Hippos Chase Boat Play Video

Mad Hippos Chase Boat

55 months ago 90,132 1

A couple Canadian businessman visiting Kenya take a boat out on a river to ...

Impossible Trick Shots Play Video

Impossible Trick Shots

55 months ago 72,006 4

Just a bunch of trick shots that can be crossed off the impossible shot lis...

Traveling Moose Mechanic Play Video

Traveling Moose Mechanic

55 months ago 59,171 1

This moose knows the dangers of driving with a broken headlight and immedia...

The Robotic Dog Sitter Play Video

The Robotic Dog Sitter

55 months ago 36,905 1

An engineer working for Microsoft built a remotely operated robot so that h...

The Daughter Responds Play Video

The Daughter Responds

55 months ago 201,098 1

Whether you agree with him or not by now just about everyone has seen ...

A Millennium Falcon Guitar Play Video

A Millennium Falcon Guitar

55 months ago 43,998 633

Make sure George Lucas doesn't see this. If he does, he'll probably take a ...

Dogboarding Play Video


55 months ago 30,776 585

An awesome video of some guys using their dogs as skateboards. No animals w...

Dog And Baby Cuddle Play Video

Dog And Baby Cuddle

55 months ago 95,482 11

Man's best friend for birth to death. Or being given away. The dog, not the...

Grizzly Bear Vs Wolf Play Video

Grizzly Bear Vs Wolf

55 months ago 164,325 9

Two of the most deadly predators in the world meet as young cubs and grow u...


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