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Dog Goes Crazy Over Balloons Play Video

Dog Goes Crazy Over Balloons 38 months ago

This dog's owners threw him a second birthday party that he'll never forget...

Kid's Face Vs Dock Play Video

Kid's Face Vs Dock 38 months ago

This time you've gone too far. That's what the kid said to his arm as it tw...

Funny "Nice Guys" Song Play Video

Funny "Nice Guys" Song 38 months ago

This is a hilarious song by KevJumba that you'll either love or be too busy...

Celebrity Sexting Play Video

Celebrity Sexting 38 months ago

You probably think that you are pretty savvy right? You probably have an Ip...

Flying Rope Fail Play Video

Flying Rope Fail 38 months ago

The only thing that could of made this a bigger fail is if the rope didn't ...

How Not To Move A Golf Cart Play Video

How Not To Move A Golf Cart 38 months ago

After carefully discussing how to mark a ball that landed on the golf path ...