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Dude Misses Landing Ramp Play Video

Dude Misses Landing Ramp 99 months ago

Some guy rides his bike down a hill and tries a 25ft jump. Looks like he a...

Kid Cant Drive Stick Play Video

Kid Cant Drive Stick 99 months ago

Some kid is trying to drive a stick shift but cant get the car to move. Wh...

Stomach Parasites Play Video

Stomach Parasites 99 months ago

Alright, for those of you with weak stomachs definelty skip this video it i...

Sweet Bike Tricks Play Video

Sweet Bike Tricks 99 months ago

This guy has some serious talent on a bike. A lot of talent and a lot of ne...

Home Made Stilts Play Video

Home Made Stilts 99 months ago

James took two pieces of wood and made some stilts. His inaugural test run ...

Skate Noob Owned Play Video

Skate Noob Owned 99 months ago

OK so the person who sent this in titled it Pro Skater Bails. Somehow I hav...

Watergun Assassination Play Video

Watergun Assassination 99 months ago

Some dude welched on a bet to one of his buddies and ended up getting shot ...

Lacrosse Fight Play Video

Lacrosse Fight 99 months ago

These two Lacrosse guys are equally matched and connect on most of the punc...

The Old College Try Play Video

The Old College Try 99 months ago

What is tougher a piece of plywood or a college student's head after playin...

Stair Case Hand Stand Play Video

Stair Case Hand Stand 99 months ago

Doing a hand stand down the stair case seems like a really good idea right?...

Robot Play Video

Robot 99 months ago

An inspirational tale of robot love

Punching Bag Of Destruction Play Video

Punching Bag Of Destruction 99 months ago

Two dumb guys allow their friends to drop a punching back onto them from a ...

Blindfolded Boxing Play Video

Blindfolded Boxing 99 months ago

Two guys blindfold themselves and then square off in a boxing match.

Dude Gets Run Over By A Semi Play Video

Dude Gets Run Over By A Semi 99 months ago

This is a shocking video of a group of guys standing by a couple semis. Su...

Tree Branch Nut Shot Play Video

Tree Branch Nut Shot 99 months ago

Rule number one for cutting off a tree branch is making sure you know where...

Government Worker Play Video

Government Worker 99 months ago

How a government worker gets the job done.

Flying Hydro Boat Play Video

Flying Hydro Boat 99 months ago

Look in the sky, its a boat, no its a plane. No its super hydro plane! This...

Fire Helmet Cam Play Video

Fire Helmet Cam 99 months ago

I bought an ATC-1000 helmet cam on Ebay for $50 and filmed a real life hous...