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Rockstar Parking Play Video

Rockstar Parking

59 months ago 237,746 6

This is probably one of the most spectacular parking jobs you'll ever see. ...

Kung Fu Volleyball Play Video

Kung Fu Volleyball

59 months ago 172,274 8

The real name for this sport is 'Sepak? Takraw' but I figured Kung Fu Volle...

Rap Show Dance Fail Play Video

Rap Show Dance Fail

59 months ago 129,607 159

Latin rapper MC Silvinho picks a girl up over his head and ends up crashing...

Kitchen Planking Disaster Play Video

Kitchen Planking Disaster

59 months ago 382,232 2

The is an awesome planking fail that brings an oven down on the planker, pr...

Kate Upton Swimsuit Superstar Play Video

Kate Upton Swimsuit Superstar

59 months ago 474,774 7

Ever since Kate Upton was in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue thi...

"Hey, Little Boy" Play Video

"Hey, Little Boy"

We've all been there, annoyed by some little boy who wants to play and won'...

Dubstep Jarface Play Video

Dubstep Jarface

59 months ago 360,357 42

Just when you thought dubstep music couldn't get any more annoying, this ki...


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