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Water Powered Jet Pack Play Video

Water Powered Jet Pack

56 months ago 94,056 19

It's been on the top of my Christmas list for 4 years now. Maybe year 5 is...

Dog vs. Mirror Play Video

Dog vs. Mirror

56 months ago 104,982 1

I have no idea what the dog did what he did, but I think you can tell he fe...

Kittens Get Into The Cat Nip Play Video

Kittens Get Into The Cat Nip

56 months ago 239,819 63

This is what happens when kittens discover you left the cat nip out by acci...

Ladder Crash Win/Fail Play Video

Ladder Crash Win/Fail

56 months ago 121,513 88

The optimists out there will see this as a woman narrowly avoiding getting ...

Thanksgiving Freakout Play Video

Thanksgiving Freakout

56 months ago 117,133 184

"Dear Grandpa, please stop asking Uncle Frank if he wants a second helping ...

Doorbell Prank Gone Awesome Play Video

Doorbell Prank Gone Awesome

56 months ago 320,959 34

These kids thought it'd be fun to ring a guy's doorbell, then hide. What th...

Paraglider Vs Van Play Video

Paraglider Vs Van

56 months ago 72,753 4

This guy is surrounded by a huge amount of wide open space, yet he somehow ...

Fat Guy Breaks $3000 TV Play Video

Fat Guy Breaks $3000 TV

56 months ago 128,501 2

For busting a brand new $3000 plasma TV this kid seems to be laugh it off p...


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