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Something Isn't Right... View Gallery

Something Isn't Right...

53 months ago 3,492 2

Can you spot what doesn't belong in these photos. If you get all of them ri...

Next Time On Lonny Play Video

Next Time On Lonny

53 months ago 14,108 59

We came across this awesome web series about Lonny, a normal guy who often ...

Grandma Skydiving Goes Wrong Play Video

Grandma Skydiving Goes Wrong

53 months ago 154,510 10

An 80 year old woman slips out of her harness during a tandem skydiving and...

Concrete Faceplant Play Video

Concrete Faceplant

53 months ago 30,101 37

Kid slips and falls face first into the corner of a concrete pier for our h...

Carnival Ride Accident Play Video

Carnival Ride Accident

53 months ago 96,077 51

Amazing to see how many people were dumb enough to forget about the counter...

9 Pretty Useless USB Devices View Gallery

9 Pretty Useless USB Devices

53 months ago 4,766 41,565

USB ports are great for jamming all manner of peripherals into your compute...

These Ladies Like To Surf Play Video

These Ladies Like To Surf

53 months ago 351,441 6

It must be nice to be able to wake up, go to the beach, and surf all day. W...

8 Years of Saturn Play Video

8 Years of Saturn

53 months ago 58,378 249

In this video we see eight years worth of Saturn images taken by the Cassin...

Painful Army Diving Fail Play Video

Painful Army Diving Fail

53 months ago 70,111 4

We're not sure what the context of this is, but it appears to be some sort ...

Genius Dog Gets The Treats Play Video

Genius Dog Gets The Treats

53 months ago 85,464 2

The owner left some dog treats out on the counter probably thinking nothing...


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