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The Daughter Responds Play Video

The Daughter Responds

55 months ago 201,096 1

Whether you agree with him or not by now just about everyone has seen ...

A Millennium Falcon Guitar Play Video

A Millennium Falcon Guitar

55 months ago 43,998 633

Make sure George Lucas doesn't see this. If he does, he'll probably take a ...

Dogboarding Play Video


55 months ago 30,776 585

An awesome video of some guys using their dogs as skateboards. No animals w...

Dog And Baby Cuddle Play Video

Dog And Baby Cuddle

55 months ago 95,481 11

Man's best friend for birth to death. Or being given away. The dog, not the...

Grizzly Bear Vs Wolf Play Video

Grizzly Bear Vs Wolf

55 months ago 164,322 9

Two of the most deadly predators in the world meet as young cubs and grow u...

Learning To Skate Play Video

Learning To Skate

55 months ago 100,444 63

This chick practices then lands a pretty cool skateboarding trick. Bonu...

World's Luckiest Snowboarder Play Video

World's Luckiest Snowboarder

55 months ago 66,476 8

This dude wipes out at the top of his jump and ends with one of the luckies...

The Bobcat Ninja Play Video

The Bobcat Ninja

55 months ago 57,915 354

If you ever operated a Bobcat you will appreciate the insane skills this ta...

Welcome To Earth Play Video

Welcome To Earth

55 months ago 53,650 17

A collection of one hundred and seventy-nine of the most beautiful places o...

First Person Ski Jump Wipeout Play Video

First Person Ski Jump Wipeout

55 months ago 27,573 54

This dude gets some big air but zero rotation as his skis point to the sky ...

Abs Of Glass Play Video

Abs Of Glass

55 months ago 225,869 349

This goofy kid thinks he can take a body punch from a heavyweight MMA fight...

Cameraman Lucky To Be Alive Play Video

Cameraman Lucky To Be Alive

55 months ago 142,261 1

Listen, I'm no expert. But, this guy should probably be seriously injured o...


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