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Bikini Girl Faceplant Play Video

Bikini Girl Faceplant 38 months ago

Cute chick faceplants on the catwalk of a pool during a bikini competition.

Sea Lion Is Exhausted Play Video

Sea Lion Is Exhausted 38 months ago

A sea lion is so tired from a swim he can't crawl the final few feet to lay...

Chick Belly Flops Off Cliff Play Video

Chick Belly Flops Off Cliff 38 months ago

Her outie is now an innie. Am I referring to her belly button, nose, or rac...

Kitten Vs Scary Tennis Ball Play Video

Kitten Vs Scary Tennis Ball 38 months ago

Ignoramusky's editing turns a cute kitten video that your mom would like in...

Embarrassing Goalie Fail Play Video

Embarrassing Goalie Fail 38 months ago

I love that after essentially stepping over the soccer ball, the goalie ben...