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How Not To Cliff Jump Play Video

How Not To Cliff Jump

53 months ago 96,813 3

This dude completely misses his jump and literally bounces off the boulder ...

I Feel Dizzy Play Video

I Feel Dizzy

53 months ago 162,403 25

Kid goes into surgery with a busted arm and wakes up a Mafia boss.

Human Stop Sign Gets Removed Play Video

Human Stop Sign Gets Removed

53 months ago 126,162 4

Crazy dude stops random cars on the road until some guy finally knocks him ...

The Best Soldier Animals View Gallery

The Best Soldier Animals

53 months ago 13,064 1

Sometimes, animals have to join in the fight or be there to help our men an...

Soldiers Having Fun View Gallery

Soldiers Having Fun

53 months ago 13,195 39,065

Our soldiers have the hard and amazing task of protecting our country. It's...

Hey, That Doesn't Go There View Gallery

Hey, That Doesn't Go There

53 months ago 3,359 6

We're not experts, but we don't think heads are suppose to go in mouths or ...

10 Thoughtful Greeting Cards View Gallery

10 Thoughtful Greeting Cards

53 months ago 8,235 40,565

A card is the perfect gift for when you don't really even care enough to ex...

Something Isn't Right... View Gallery

Something Isn't Right...

53 months ago 3,492 2

Can you spot what doesn't belong in these photos. If you get all of them ri...

Next Time On Lonny Play Video

Next Time On Lonny

53 months ago 14,108 59

We came across this awesome web series about Lonny, a normal guy who often ...

Grandma Skydiving Goes Wrong Play Video

Grandma Skydiving Goes Wrong

53 months ago 154,510 10

An 80 year old woman slips out of her harness during a tandem skydiving and...

Concrete Faceplant Play Video

Concrete Faceplant

53 months ago 30,101 37

Kid slips and falls face first into the corner of a concrete pier for our h...


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