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Glacier Collapses Into Ocean Play Video

Glacier Collapses Into Ocean

55 months ago 105,184 2

Even the penguins start running after a glacier breaks off into the ocean a...

How To Fix A Plasma TV Play Video

How To Fix A Plasma TV

55 months ago 101,266 1

Had I known you could just whack your TV with a baseball bat to fix it I co...

Skater Hit By Truck Play Video

Skater Hit By Truck

55 months ago 58,903 23

Driver has no time to react to a skater that rolls right into the middle of...

Snow Circles In Steamboat Play Video

Snow Circles In Steamboat

55 months ago 41,156 146

Local law enforcement in Steamboat Springs received many calls about these ...

3rd World Superman Play Video

3rd World Superman

55 months ago 76,403 8

This week's 'Name This Video' winner is John Markham! Like Us on ...

Cat Massages A Pug Play Video

Cat Massages A Pug

55 months ago 66,387 4

If we can bring cats and dogs together, then maybe there is hope for the wo...

This Is Don's Foot Play Video

This Is Don's Foot

55 months ago 70,984 341

Don had his foot amputated, but it doesn't get him down. He's more than hap...

Dancing With Crutches Play Video

Dancing With Crutches

55 months ago 82,519 78

Part way through this video it will become difficult to believe this man ca...

Night Snowboarding With LED Play Video

Night Snowboarding With LED

55 months ago 56,064 23

Awesome footage of professional snowboarder William Hughes coming down the ...


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