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Groom Pukes At The Altar Play Video

Groom Pukes At The Altar

55 months ago 96,088 6

I'm just happy that the bride reconsidered catching it. Love might be a lo...

Women for Santorum Play Video

Women for Santorum

55 months ago 69,665 2

Looks like Santorum has the lady vote locked up!

Walk of Shame: Dog Edition Play Video

Walk of Shame: Dog Edition

55 months ago 104,510 4

This dog understands what a fool he made of himself. Poor thing. At least h...

Backflip On Sit Ski Play Video

Backflip On Sit Ski

55 months ago 57,114 3

Josh Dueck broke his back and became a paraplegic while attempting a backfl...

Everything At Once Play Video

Everything At Once

55 months ago 73,198 449

Ghost Pepper, Icy Hot, pepper spray, nutshot, failed flip, paint balls, and...

The Flip Side Play Video

The Flip Side

55 months ago 337,972 79

Imagine a world in which women acted like guys and men were chicks. Before ...

Jumping On The Bandwagon Fail Play Video

Jumping On The Bandwagon Fail

55 months ago 47,141 161

Not only does she scream out 'Sanchez', but when she is corrected she hears...

Aquaman Strikes Again Play Video

Aquaman Strikes Again

55 months ago 88,273 147

This week's 'Name This Video' winner is Zach Felder! Like Us on ...

Hilarious Go Pro Face Play Video

Hilarious Go Pro Face

55 months ago 79,397 12

Go Pro cameras are usually facing outward when doing awesome stuff. But wha...


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